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Chicago, Illinois, United States | INDIE

Chicago, Illinois, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Metal


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"Fashion Bomb - Devils to Some, Angels to Others"

Fashion Bomb - Devils to Some, Angels to Others
(Full Effect Records, 2009)

Fashion Bomb, formed in 2003 in Chicago, possesses a musical arsenal full of hypnotic industrial metal zest. And this collection conjures up articulate lyrical syntax with musical precision.

CD opener "SS" begins in a whirlwind fashion, setting the tone for this rockin' industrial romp. A killer guitar riff begins sharply and rigorously; followed by a solid drumbeat before vocalist Val delivers the first verse.

The group uses its synth programming — various buzz, dings and bells — to create a moody-yet-wicked atmosphere without overpowering the structure of the song.

"Christ Puncher," is filled with chugging riffs and driving percussion that will incite you to raise your fist while shouting the chorus.

"Nothing" is reminiscent of parts of Fear Factory’s "A Therapy For Pain" from 1995's "Demanufacture," and "Over It" is a dead ringer for a NIN song.

Covering Mötley Crüe's "Looks That Kill" is an adventurous endeavor, but the synth sounds and delayed vocal delivery somewhat negates the aggression of the original.

The comparisons to other bands of this genre are undoubtedly present, but what matters are the songs, and there is ample musical appeal here. Overall, fans of all kinds of metal music should be fired up by Fashion Bomb's addictive sound.

- 8 -

Kelley Simms

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"Fashion Bomb- Angels to Some, Devils to Others"

ARTIST: Fashion Bomb

ALBUM: Angels to Some, Devils to Others

LABEL: Superdead Records

REVIEWER: Matthew J.

DATE: 10-24-07

Fashion Bomb- Angels to Some, Devils to Others

The latest act to take on the new industrial metal scene, Fashion Bomb bring a subtle undercurrent of electronics to what is at heart a blast of good old-fashioned head-banging metal. On "Christ Puncher," which deserves extra credit for incorporating an obscure reference from "The Simpsons," the sampler provides a hint of industrial flavor, but it's the ballsy guitars and throat-rending bellows that provide the "punching" in question. Likewise, "Mold" has an undercurrent of programmed beats, but the tight interplay of gritty guitar and bottom-heavy bass are more Korn than KMFDM. "SS" sees the band exploring their industrial side a bit more with heavy distortion on the vocals, but the brutal guitars keep things well on the brutal end of the spectrum, though fans of Acumen Nation's more metal-inspired material should find plenty to keep them happy. Fashion Bomb are more a metal band with industrial overtones, rather than the other way around, but they do a brilliant job distilling the raw aggression of both genres, not to mention holding everything together with some tight musicianship and vocal production that squeezes all the emotional range possible out of lead singer Val's layered bellows, screams, and occasional melodic moments, with the chorus on "Low" standing out as a particularly sharp example. Fashion Bomb's sound will appeal particularly to fans of similar crossover acts like Professional Murder Music or Dope, but anyone with some anger to burn off will be able to get down to this in the mosh pit.

Check out Fashion Bomb's Web site and interact with the band and other industrial metal fans at -

"Fashion Bomb :: Devils to Some, Angels to Others :: Review"

Hailing from Chicago, Fashion Bomb delivers an infectious mix of hard industrial, laced heavily with rock and metal in “Devils to Some, Angels to Others.” Indeed, the metal plays such a significant role that it could be considered a dark metal album with Gothic overtones. Either way, this is an exciting work that should satisfy those who like some bite in their music. Weighing in at 14 songs plus one remix, this is one powerful CD.

Out of the gate with a jet engine intro is “SS” which plays hard throughout with the anthemesque question “When will we all be free.”

Nothing is a catchy hard rock song being ridden with strong vocals.

The next track, “Low,” starts off with a single guitar and builds up slowly until it cuts a less violent sound, but maintains the wrath of the first song.

“Avarice” works all soundscapes with industrial, hard rock and metal. The lyrics are an important part of this song about avarice and some suicidal undercurrents.

Another anthemesque sound makes up the background of “Rant,” while “God Drug” is a hot piece of thrash metal.

“The Line” is harsh rock/metal-laced industrial with a dose of screamo thrown in for good measure.

“Ascend This Day” tends more towards industrial and is another powerful track.

The track, “Drugpool,” delivers some dark speed metal along with lighter industrial tone for the verses.

“Skin” is unashamedly heavy rock doused with fine vocals.

“Over It” continues the band’s addictive sounds and the music powers through the song.

“Christ Puncher,” focuses on the vocals with the guitar work more in the background.

“Mold” is a quieter piece again focusing on the vocals with guitars and drums following the vocalists’ lead.

“Looks That Kill” is a cool piece of work about a femme fatale.

The final track is a remix of the “Low (Asrok’s High Mix)” provides a slower more mellow version of the track.

In summary, this album is full of top-notch hard industrial/rock/metal music with a powerful voice riding over the heavy music. The production values are high for this album without a glitch noticed.

All tracks on Fashion Bomb’s “Devils To Some, Angels to Others” could be played at the start of a gig and have you rushing to the stage with an extreme rush of adrenaline! For a 15-track CD with no misses, this is one high-value CD!

Devils to Some, Angels to OthersDevils to Some, Angels to Others tracklist
1. SS
2. Nothing
3. Low
4. Avarice
5. Rant
6. God Drug
7. The Line
8. Ascend This Day
9. Drugpool
10. Skin
11. Over It
12. Christ Puncher
13. Mind
14. Looks that Kill
15. Low (Asrock’s High Mix)

For more information and extra sound tracks etc. Visit the band at:, or visit them on -

"Fashion Bomb Devils to Some, Angels to Others Review"

Posted: Friday, May 04, 2007
By: Ilker Yücel
Comparisons to other bands of their type in the industrial metal scene aside, Fashion Bomb still manage to produce an aggressive set of aural blasphemy, sure to be next on religious fundamentalist (s)hit lists.
Well, after a less-than-flattering review based on a four-track sampler, Fashion Bomb was kind enough to provide a full copy of the album, allowing for a more in-depth look into their debut album, Devils to Some, Angels to Others. It's a rare pleasure when a writer can recant his or her words and offer an opinion different from the original assessment. Such is the case here, for while the initial comparisons to bands like Bile, Dope, Society 1, and Marilyn Manson remain, the album as a whole presents listeners with a full bombardment of screaming guitars, pounding beats, and subtle but effective synth textures. And yet, with their name taken from a Eurhythmics song (erroneously attributed to Orgy's "Opticon" in the original review), it's gratifying to see the band has a sense of history that seems so rare in many bands of their ilk today. Overall, Devils to Some, Angels to Others is a scathing package of heavy industrial metal that is only enhanced by the dynamic sense of melody amidst the chaos, courtesy of vocalist Adrian Valerie, affectionately referred to as Val. This is especially so with "Ascend This Day," in which the balance of raucous energy and aggressive melodies comes to satisfying fruition in the chorus, as well as in "Drugpool" with its touches of vocoder. Of course, the main emphasis is on pure volume and attitude, with songs like "Christ Puncher," "Nothing," "Low," and "God Drug" assaulting the listener with enough lyrical blasphemy and audio debauchery that even the Mansonite crowd might turn to Fashion Bomb as their new messiahs of rebellious Satanic goth chic (parents and religious fundamentalists beware!), and while the synths are relegated to the background, they still provide enough sonic bite to tracks like "The Line" and "Avarice" to keep the album from falling too far into cliché. Certainly, the band's image and overall sound is still rooted in the sum of their influences with very little to distinguish themselves from a plethora of bands in the industrial metal scene, but the tight production and performance allows Fashion Bomb the potential to rise above and become something more. -


Devils to Some, Angels to Others (2008, Full Effect Records) LP.
Visions of the Lifted Veil (2009, Full Effect Records) LP.



Since 2003, Fashion Bomb has made a statement. In early 2004, they won a competition sponsored by a major Chicago radio station 94.7 The Zone, which landed them a development deal with Hollywood Records. The band recorded four songs with well known producer Tadpole (Disturbed, Soil, Earshot, Drowning Pool). Later that year, the band opened for Marilyn Manson in Chicago during the Against All Gods Tour. Because of their distinctly “undead” appearance, some are quick to label them “goth”. But those who really get Fashion Bomb understand that the band and its classically trained singer are not so easily categorized.
Drawing comparisons to Tool, Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle and Rob Zombie, Fashion Bomb continues the evolution of metal.In 2006, Fashion Bomb self released their debut full length album, “Devils to Some, Angels to Others” which included fan favorites “Low” and “Christ Puncher”. Never content to rest on their laurels, Fashion Bomb re-tooled and forged ahead with bringing their music to the masses. To this end, Fashion Bomb signed with Full Effect Records in 2008 (Faster Pussycat/Pigface/Newlydeads). The Detroit/Los Angeles based label re-released “Devils to Some, Angels to Others” with a bonus remix by Asrock of Final Cut.

Fashion Bomb enjoys continued airplay on Sirius radio, and such notable major radio stations as Q101 in Chicago and WSOU in New Jersey. They have also appeared in such internationally know magazines as Revolver and Metal Hammer. Currently, Fashion Bomb has released their sophomore record, “Visions of the Lifted Veil”. The new album is produced by Raymond Herrera (Fear Factory/ Arkaea) and Jeremy Blair (Guns-n-Roses, Cypress Hill), and recorded at Temple Studios in Los Angeles, CA. Tom Baker (Marilyn Manson, NIN, Rob Zombie) of Precision Mastering mastered the songs. With a flair for thinking about the world in large, universal terms and influenced by George Orwell, Stephen Hawking, Hunter S. Thompson and Carl Sagan, Fashion Bomb takes on complex ideas. This 13 track work of art is a mature, well structured record that showcases the band’s amazing musical skill, as well as their ability to write accessible, memorable songs.

Currently represented by industry veteran Tommy Quon (Vanilla Ice, Forever the Sickest Kids) of TQ Management, Fashion Bomb is poised to usher in a new era of revolutionary metal music.