Fashoda Crisis

Fashoda Crisis

 Southend-on-Sea, England, GBR

A frothing three headed abomination against nature that infuse anarchic alt rock paint-stripping noisemongery with melodic pop sensibilities whose manifesto is to pour scorn on the ridiculous. Inflammatory and confrontational. Brutally honest.


Southend based DIY rabble rousers Fashoda Crisis have been venting their spleens at the state of society and popular culture for nigh on a decade now. Along the way they have picked up a small (but loyal) following of right-thinking people who are quite happy to hear a man (who is more than old enough to know better) ranting about wearing the skin of Vernon Kay to a backdrop of furious feedback-drenched guitar, pulsating bass and pounding drums. 
Steeped in blood, sweat and viscera, ‘Almost Everyone is Entirely Average at Almost Everything’, is their first full length album, although previous releases ‘The Jowls of Justice’ (2013), ‘Him Make They Learn Read’ (2011) and ‘Mischief of One Kind and Another’ (2009) all managed to wangle their way on to album of the year lists for the likes of Echoes & Dust and Sweeping the Nation anyway.
Partly funded by a successful, albeit tiny, Kickstarter campaign (disproving the adage that you need a crowd to crowd fund), it was mixed, mastered & engineered by Tom Donovan (whose credits include Dingus Khan’s album ‘Support Mistley Swans’). The album features eleven tightly wound tracks of brutal satire and beautiful cover art by Stewart Allan of Edinburgh Art-rockers, Black International. A collaborative project of sorts, individual artwork has been created for each track by Stewart Allan (again); Czech Artist, novelist and poet, Tomas Pridal; Dingus Khan bassist and cartoonist Tom Armstrong; Fine Art Graduates Chrissy Cochrane and Dan Meikle and musicians Simon Bellamy (ex- Baddies) and Michael McCann (His Naked Torso).
Fashoda Crisis love you. But would never cheapen the sentiment by saying so to your face.


Fashoda Crisis have been performing live in various dingy buildings around Europe since April 2005. They have self-released three albums Almost Everyone is Entirely Average at Almost Everything (2014), Him Make They Learn Read (2011) & Mischief of One Kind and Another (2009) as well as a number of E.Ps, most notably The Jowls of Justice (2012).

Almost Everyone is available on vinyl from their BandCamp page.

All material is available through Bandcamp or via iTunes or any number of music streaming sites.

Set List

An ever evolving set list that incorporates the most visceral 30 mins it is possible to witness at a live gig. Ferocious, ear splittingly loud and infused with dark humour.