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London, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

London, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"London Rapper Taps into Indigenous roots and fatherhood for debut release"

Jay Smith AKA Fastcloud turned to his roots and life experience to inspire a positive message

Jay Smith's stage name is Fastcloud. On Friday, April 26th, he released his first solo album, Respect Is Power, and the up-and-coming star is also nominated for a Forest City Music Award.

Fastcloud stopped by the London Morning studio for a feature interview.

How did you get into hip hop?

I started in public school. I was eight years old and got introduced to Snoop Doggy Dog's album called the Dogpound. It kind of just took over from there and then in high school, I was hanging out with friends on lunch breaks, and beat boxing and introduced me to rap at that time and encouraged me from there.

Jay Smith AKA Fastcloud dropped by the London Morning studio on Friday, April 26 (Rebecca Zandbergen (CBC News))
Your dad was from Oneida and your mom is from Chippewa of the Thames. As an adult you've spent time discovering where you come from. Why has that been so important for you?

It just allows me to be comfortable with who I am. It plays a big role in my music, and just to be positive all the time. In our teachings we always want to be positive and give positive messages. Carry ourselves in a positive way. Just be humble and be thankful for everything you come across.

You're the father of three. Your oldest son is 14 and was born when you were just 18. It's a big day for him.

He was diagnosed with leukemia back in September. It's been a long, long process. A lot of ups and down. It's been a roller coaster of emotions. Today he's actually starting his last phase of intense chemo, and then once he's past this phase he'll be in maintenance for a couple years.

You say he changed your life.

He changed my life for the better. I started to get my life together, finished high school, then went to college, finished college and here I am. I went to Trebas Institute in Toronto for audio engineering and production. I have a home recording studio and I built it with my own hands.

How has music shaped your life as an adult?

It's given me an outlet to be myself. Share my emotions, share things I've gone through. Ups and downs.

Respect is Power was released on Friday, April 26, 2019 (Submitted by Fastcloud)
And what are you writing about?

It's all across the board. It's uplifting. Being bullied at times, told I was never going to make it, break ups to make ups and just all around self-expression.

You're a dad. You work a nine to five job and you make music. How do you fit it all in?

It's very busy. Very very busy. Take it day by day. You can't really prepare yourself for the adulting parenthood life. I'm still learning as I go. And we grow together and learn together.

You talk about struggling as a kid yourself and in your teenage years. How are you keeping your kids on the right track and how important is that to you now?

You know, I share life experiences that I've been through. Not always great. Just let them know, count your blessings and be good. What you put out is what you get back. Share with them and try to be open with them.

How does it feel to have your first solo album out?

It feels pretty good. I feel pretty accomplished. I don't have to be super famous or be in the spotlight, although I kind of am now. I feel successful.

Where do you hope your music takes you?

I would love to be in position where I could paid to do music everyday. That is my dream. I've been working on it since I was 13. I have 19 years of experience doing music, performing, writing, and now over the past few years, audio engineering. - Rebecca Zandbergen

"Art Of Being Canadian: Rapper Jay FastCloud Smith"

Jay FastCloud Smith, a local indigenous rapper, shares the story of coming to believe in himself, and getting noticed, with our Sean Irvine Ctv: - Sean Irvine

"2019 Forest City London Music Award: Jack Richardson Award"


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Respect Is Power

  1. Respect Is Power
  2. Let It Go
  3. My Girl ft. Aj Official
  4. Boom
  5. Keep It 100
  6. They Ain't Ready
  7. Play That Record
  8. We Go Hard ft. Sten Joddi
  9. Run Away
  10. It's Time Ft. Frazer Sundown
  11. Rollin
  12. Movin On



Hip-Hop Singer, Song-writer, Audio Engineer and Producer Jason B. Smith Jr. aka Fastcloud. He is of Indigenous bloodline who fell in love with music at an early age, listening to Alternative Rock records of the 90s. He was introduced to Rap of the same era. Fastcloud comes from an eclectic spiritual background which makes a big impact, which influences his distinct style of music today. 

Born December 24, 1986, London Ontario, Canada. began rhyming words together with class mates in the hallways of his high school in the early 2000s. Encouraged by his peers, he was taught to freestyle with rhyming words to create a story. Fastcloud continued to hone his skills by writing lyrics and freestyle battled when the opportunity arose. With the motivation to continue with his writing skills he constructed a hand held mic and did a dry cut recording in the basement of his mothers house, by way of cassette tape and boom box. He got his first taste of media action after entering a contest aired on the local radio station (106.9FM) at the age of 16.

In 2007, he met some friends from school, formed a group called DTL BOIIZ. The group consisted of 6 members. They wrote, recorded and released a mixed tape called "Get That Cash" in which he featured on almost every track. After releasing the mix tape to the public they performed at local venues called "The Brunswick" and "The Embassy hotel" to gain some exposure. With tremendous amounts of networking and continuous stage performances, he connected with a radio Dj who offered to do live interviews at Radio Western (CHRW). 

Later in 2008 Fastcloud re-connected with an old childhood friend, that led a local group called Last Nation, the group was based out of Toronto and the greater Toronto area. Fastcloud hit the road travelling to Toronto. Branching off to a bigger city opened his eyes to bigger opportunities.  Realizing, Toronto is the place to be to take his career to the next level. Fastcloud says "I knew this is where I needed to be to expand my networks in the music industry".

After high-school, Fastcloud decided to further his education by enrolling himself the Audio Engineering and Production program at Trebas Institute, Toronto campus. Where gained confidence, experience, knowledge and understanding what it takes to succeed. Fastcloud honed his skill not only for the forefront of music, but for the in-depth work that goes on behind the scenes of the industry. After being certified, Fastcloud graduated from Trebas Institute, thus provided a clear vision of Engineering and Producing at a professional level. Which is vital for the cut throat entertainment industry.

Post grad, Fastcloud had been fortunate enough to have played major rolls in two Native American documentaries; Pontiac's War, filmed in Longwoods Conservation Area; and a short film shot for the Fort York Historic tour in Toronto Ontario. Adding to his resume he has had the opportunities to have worked with many industry professionals from artist to producers from both Canada and United States of America.

Fastcloud has been keeping himself busy by making a presence in the underground Hip-Hop scene of Toronto lately. He's had many performances, on many platforms around the city from; Velvet Underground, Johnny Jackson and Silver Dollar Room to name a few. The hard work and dedication he has put forth has lead him to have exclusive radio interviews with Susan Harmon on the 'Susan Harmon Hour' in 'Seattle Washington'. Also, Fastcloud made an appearance in New York to perform live at the 'Brooklyn Commons', as well as a in-house radio interview with John Kane in Brooklyn NY. Fastcloud says " I am very grateful to have met many people along the way. I even got to meet the first ladies of Hip-Hop, Dj Kool Herc's sister and mother, Nettie and Cindy Campbell. This highly motivates me to empower, inspire, and uplift vast demographics of generations around the world. Anything is possible".

2019 had been a busy year for Fastcloud. He was nominated at the Forest City London Music Awards for his single "Callin" in the world category, a single dedicated to his late father, Jason Smith Sr. Also performing live at 2019 Juno Awards, opening ceremonies to welcome the world nominees, hosted in London ON, Canada. Keeping his passion for music alive, Fastcloud wrote and recorded and released his very first solo album titled 'Respect Is Power'. The solo debut gained lots of media exposure, which led him to multiple interviews with; CBC media London with 'Rebecca Zandbergan, CTV news London with Sean Irvine, Radio Western host Skye Sylvian and Mary Lou and Dan Smoke. "Building a foundation for himself in my community is important" Fastcloud says. The support has made a positive impact to his career.

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