fast computers

fast computers

 Portland, Oregon, USA

If Daryl Hall & John Oates had never met and if instead Jarvis Cocker, Brian Eno and Har Mar Superstar, somehow, through science, had a love child who was really into synths, who went on to write Rich Girl instead of Hall & Oates, that's what we sound like.


Fast Computers debut full length, Heart Geometry, was met with near unanimous praise upon its release in the fall of 2007. Local papers like the Portland Mercury called it “One of the year’s best local releases,” while more respectable publications like The Orgeonian crowned them “the best indie synth band in town.” NPR deemed HG “one of the year’s most satisfying releases.” Magnet chimed in branding the group’s compositions “love songs with a synth pop sheen at [their] bubbly best.” Even as revered a source at Hustler magazine (yes, that Hustler magazine) couldn’t hide their passion for the album giving it 4 Boners while praising “a wonderful, tinny slice of electro pop heaven”.

So, after a year of touring, full of successes, adulation and countless bouts with the big time, why did Fast Computers all but disappear following their annual west coast jaunt in June ’08?

Self described Dictator General of the band, Peter Dean (elsewhere described as Fast Computers front man, songwriter, keyboardist and vocalist), put it as such “I had writer’s block worse than M. Night Shyamalan before he crapped out The Happening.”

Not wanting to follow in the schlockteur’s footsteps, he did what any self respecting artist in the throes of debilitating writers block would do; he skippered his family’s schooner (the aptly named SS Evasion) on a cross Atlantic voyage. With only the memoirs of Bernard Moitessier and his ocean fairing feline cum unwitting Rocky IV enthusiast Sir Francis Drago at his side, Dean left in search of inspiration.

At home, drummer Jennifer Fox busied herself with her secondary career, scientific pursuits, while bassist Andrew Stern devoted himself wholeheartedly to his studies (with a major in Radio Promotion and a minor in Kicking Ass).

The spring of 2009 saw Dean’s return to the mainland. After weeks spent alone in oblivion it wasn’t the solitude or the sea or even Sir Francis Drago that gave him the inspiration that he had sought. It was a vhs tape of the Oliver Stone classic Wall Street, stowed away in the ship’s rumpus room from some previous voyage that did the trick.

Repeated viewing of that tape, while bored to tears on the open ocean, prompted Dean to write Gekko, his first new song in over 18 months. What followed was a flurry of activity from the band. Members were called up from assumed retirement and Fast Computers were back in action.

Fast Computers’ sophomore effort, Duo, is slated for release in early 2010.


heart geometry (2007, Coeur Electronique)
SP (2005, Sleepsound Records)

Set List

30 minutes