Fast Dog Music

Fast Dog Music

 Franklin, Tennessee, USA

Fast Dog Music writes and plays songs about real life. The happy, sad, funny, and totaly relatable look at life thru a songwriter's eyes.


About Fast Dog Music Mary & Dave Are singer/songwriters who have a lifetime of singing and writing. They have been writing songs seriously since 2001. After raising four great kids, they are putting pen to paper and driving full speed into professional song writing in Nashville. With good, reliable friends and professionals in the industry & NSAI to guide them. They sky is the limit! A good friend told them, "it's all about the dream and the tenacity that gets ya there, you can never quite if you want this. You just gotta hang in there." Mary & Dave, husband and wife, are living the country songs they haven't had a chance to write yet! They write most everything together, but collaborate on everything. They have written songs for people getting married, special occasions, or dealing with the death of their children. They simply write songs about life, love and the journey through it. They love to co-write with artists and other writers. It's like cooking with friends, mary said. They play in small, fun venues, coffee shops and private parties; any where they can. Whether playing honky tonks or down on lower broadway with nothing more than pure emotion. Any time you can play songs you created and touch somebody is a blessing. Their musical influences range from classic contry through rock-n-roll. Even classical and spiritual round out their mix. Mary said, "the great part of being a songwriter is that you can write any type of music that inspires you, your not stuck anywhere.

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