Faster than Gravity

Faster than Gravity


Sounds like an amalgamation things -- everyone hears something different, but recognizable, in this totally original crossover CCM band. With songs that are catchier than an STD, Faster than Gravity features huge production with phat guitars, top-flight percussions and screaming background vox.


Having written Top 40 pop hits and shared the stage with such diverse artists as the David Crowder Band, Barlow Girl, Meatloaf and Hall and Oats, the members of FASTER THAN GRAVITY have turned their creative efforts to the sacred and are now writing songs with crossover appeal that also have deep meaning and inspiration. David has a powerful style of music: soaring vocals with high impact background elements. Adam's guitars are phat and completely cutting edge. Add to that solid boards, Johnny's mondo-proficient bass playing and Workson's hyper-technical drum elements and you have a level of musicianship that hasn't been heard in pop or rock for years. From a performance standpoint, FASTER THAN GRAVITY's in-your-face performance style matches their sound: BIG, baby! But while quite intense, they are a lot of fun to watch as well as hear!


Don't Run Away (Hallelujiah)

Written By: David Lloyd Merrill

© 2006 David Lloyd Merrill

Don’t Run Away
Reach out your hand
He’s what you need
Don’t Run Away
Help me sing Hallelujah!

Verse 1:
I can’t forget last Saturday night
Or the way I found Your light
I’d run so hard so long
But Lord, did You feel right

My Whole life’s been about nothing but me
But now I’m yours and you’ve set me free
Oh Jesus, my Jesus

Segue: Don’t run away (4xs)

Chorus: Hallelujah! (3xs)
He’s all you need

Verse 2
He made the moon and the stars so bright
So don’t you think He’ll make it right?
He’ll wash your problems all away.
Don’t worry about what you said or you did
Just give it to Him and he’ll set you free
Oh there’s nothing wrong, He’ll forgive it all
If you ask Him


Bridge: Instrumental break

(Help me sing!)

Chorus: Furious rush tag out!

For the Times When We're Apart

Written By: David Lloyd Merrill

For the Times When You’re Apart
© 2006 David Lloyd Merrill

Verse 1
I hear the wind blow in my mind
It lets me know we’re not together
I need to feel Your gentle presence
I need to feel Your love deep in my soul

But here I am (so far away)
I want to come back to Your grace
But what will you say?

And Jesus said:

For the times when you’re apart
Don’t you ever doubt that I love you
For the times when you’re apart
Can’t you hear me crying now?

Verse 2
I used to be so dedicated
I loved You with all my heart my soul, my mind and strength
But then I left and embraced the world with all its charms
I knew better, I knew the price
But left You anyway



Bridge (instrumental)

Chorus 2x (accapella fine')


U4EA! -- 1988

Playlist Spring Compilation -- 2006

Playlist Winter Compilation (with Steven Curtis Chapman and Kirk Franklin) -- 2006

Song of the Year, Runner Up -- 2007

Set List

All original, with limited cover songs as appropriate for the venue.