Faster Than Robots

Faster Than Robots


Faster Than Robots make melodic noise pop music, mostly compared to bands like Pavement and Dinosaur Jr .There songs stick in your head keeping you humming there tunes all day long.


Faster Than Robots are a three piece inde rock band from a small beach town on the east coast of england.
Influenced by bands such as Pavement,Sonic Youth,
Archers Of Loaf. Faster Than Robots make malodic noise pop songs with strong melody backed with load noise guitar parts.


Answers On A Postcard EP.
Song Only Romance Radio airplay on BBC Radio 6 tom robinson.

Set List

Typical set list is mainly our EP of around 8 songs.
Only Romance
Miss This
Scissors Cuts Paper
Panic Attack
Whatever You Say
Hockey Puck
The Set is around 35/45 minutes long.