Fastest Gun Alive

Fastest Gun Alive


We have been getting great Crowd response everytime we play with our Hard Rock Tongue n cheek tunes, Stage Antics and Audience participation, We have A Singer that is truely original with great melody and dynamic range, A drummer that Drives the Train and a Guitarist with Rhythem and Flying Fingers!


Fastest Gun Alive is an UP AND COMING BAND!!!!they have chemistry working together, they're really great friends and have Fun writing songs, playing gigs and jamming!!!!. They have a UNIQUE sound that just comes out naturaly, INFLUENCES INCLUDE: Guns n Roses, The Cult, AC DC,Motorhead, Ministry, Early Marilyn Manson, Sound Garden, The Cramps, The Misfits, Type O Negative, Sisters Of Mercy, Metallica, Johnny Cash, Tom Waits, Faith No More, The Doors, Motley Crue, Billy Idol, Rolling Stones, Danzig, Monster Magnet, Hendrix, Kings X, to name a few, Just stuff thats ROCKIN and has A GREAT CHORUS, What sets them apart from other bands is that they aren't trying to sound like someone else,they don't step outside the bounds of Hard Rock/Punk OR HARD BLUES either!!!, they play music that is genuine from their hearts and they're good at it. Their Story is that they have been getting together for the last couple years and banging out tunes effortlessly and now they want to take it a step further and go travel California and play some shows and Record Their own ten song album and START SELLING IT, these guys are very DEPENDABLE complete with RELIABLE TRANSPORTATION, when it comes to music these guys are SERIOUS, WATCH OUT AMERICA, HERE COMES FASTEST GUN ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!Contact us at or



Written By: Mike Rosen

I want the hole in the floor
Just like the girl next door
up in the air the plat forms
in the house of the lord Verse 1/2

I am a psychoward
I am a heated Morgue
You are my Dungeon Whore
I'm gonna Make You Perform

C'mon and Sik My ButterStik Yeah Yeah
Pick a switch and Bark Like A bitch Yeah Yeah X2

whoooooooooaaaaaaaaa x4


Written By: Mike Rosen

I don't know why you've gone away
W/ so many God Damn Needles in your vain
I don't know where you are to this day
Will you ever see the wreckage that you made? verse 1/2

A little Hot Rod Mamma
I'm gonna get down on you
You better come around!!

Bridge 1

Then one day I blew everyone away when I kicked major ass on the stage X2

Bridge 2

I said you babe , always on the mind everytime X2

Bridge 3

I said sometimes I run and sometimes I chase X2



2 Song Demo Recorded at PoPSmear Studios,

Set List

Devil Tongue
Danger Girl
Bukake Bath
Night Shade
Bitch took Six
Fine Ones
Cut Yourself
Top Down