Fast Falls the Eventide
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Fast Falls the Eventide


Band Alternative Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Southside on the Town"

"Their music might surprise the average hardcore rocker after realizing that among the electric guitars and drums, the band also includes a keyboard. While Fast Falls the Eventide has the basic elements of hard guitar rock (i.e. rugged jeans, passionate vocals, heavy drums), their music emphasized more on melody rather than the drumming rhythms of each song. For instance, while there still was a rockin’ beat there were several moments in the set that highlighted a reoccurring musical phrase. Throughout their set, Fast Falls the Eventide included keyboard harmonies to mellow the guitar riffs. What really makes this band stand apart is their ambient style. Their focus on rather melancholy melodies gives this band dimension that would otherwise be lost if the band simply entertained the audience with thumping drum and bass (like so many bands out there). Though it was hard to hear for a moment during the instrumental breaks, their sound continued to thrill the audience as the music gradually grew louder with each passing riff. There were also a few mesmerizing solos from the keyboard player during one song before slowly ending the set." - Southside from Fearless Radio


Self-Titled Demo (5 tracks) - Feb. 2006
1. Heretic
2. The Way
3. Get up and Let Go
4. Like the Birds
5. Message Received

Self-Titled Demo (3 Tracks) - Apr. 2007
1. Commence Me in Honor
2. The Way (re-mastered)
3. Holy War
4. Kept



Fast Falls the Eventide consists of a combination of the writing styles of Chicago-based Tullio Cox and pacific-northwest-native Curtis Carson. These two musicians/songwriters bring a mix of solid, original creativity wired with organic and flavorful melodies, all topped off with a heavy dose of musical experimentation.

Experiencing FFTE is like finding yourself in a place you've never actually been before, but one that seems oddly familiar, almost as if you imagined it once in a dream.