Fast Food Junkies

Fast Food Junkies


If metal got drunk one night and slept with bluegrass, their bastard child would be Fast Food Junkies. FFJ gives an electric live show full of raw energy! Lightning fast banjo rolls and unduplicated hillbilly hollers give Fast Food Junkies a totally original sound that has yet to disappoint.


The Fast Food Junkies, hailing from McPherson, Kansas, have been strumming out addictive tunes since the fall of 2004. So far, this trio has put out 2 independent records, “Grumpyland” and “Backwoods” and have conjured up a large regional following making their music a mainstay in the Midwest.
The Junkies, as they are affectionately called, consist of Landon Unruh, the speedy banjo picker and vocalist, Dave Crawford, on upright bass and supplying charming background vocals, and Clint Snyder, providing harmonious vocals and masterful strumming on the guitar. Having come from rock backgrounds, these three have carved out a fast paced progressive bluegrass sound that demands the respect of traditional bluegrass lovers and turning the heads of rockers.
Nonetheless, the live performance of this band is what makes the Fast Food Junkies an act to catch. As put by Bradley E. Robinson of “Splurge!” magazine, “I was totally blown away. No one around these parts can touch them when playing live.” It truly is the live show that brings people back time and again, surely to have a good time. No matter what their favorite type of music may be, it is a sure bet that one of their favorite groups will soon be the Fast Food Junkies.
The Junkies are not a group to be put into a mold and compared to other bluegrass groups; they can only be called great musicians. Not one of the three are professionally trained, nor do they read music; they are self taught. The Fast Food junkies have made a name for themselves through hard work and creating music that they love, thus giving the fans recorded music and “live” shows that never disappoint. The Fast Food Junkies are here to stay.


From the Grave

Written By: Landon Unruh

Wish you would call or write me a letter
To let me know that I'm alive
I sit on the porch in lonesome boredom
I'm lost without your brilliant smile

Open up my heart, ease my pain
Show it to the world once again
Open up my heart, ease my pain
See if what is still me still remains

Sometimes I wish that I was old
So I know not many years are left
Sit here stuck in this young body
Thinking about you and the time we had spent

I know that I used to hurt you
Never acted like I cared
I prayed that I could try to tell you
That I am sorry and meant no harm

You were always on my mind
I'll never be with another
Wish you would come home to ease my mind
But, I know that your body lies in the grave


Written By: Clint Snyder and Landon Unruh

Met you right out of college
I was pumpin' your gas
Told me you'd be at Joe's Bar later
Havin' yourself a glass

We've been datin' for 3 years now
And I finally got up the nerve
I asked you to be my woman
Oh for better or worse

Chorus 1:
I ran my ass down to Dallas
I met your Ma and your Pa
They kicked me out of their palace
It left some permanent scars
I've taken all the damage
That your Daddy can dish
I fell in love with a lady
She tried to grant me my wish

Now I'm down here at Exit 40
Highway 142
I'm a wonderin' what to tell you
And what you're goin' to do

Will your answer still be yes or
Will you find someone new
Tell your Daddy to stick it somewhere
That's what I'm askin' of you

Chorus 2

Maybe after we tie the knot
And got a young'n or two
Get a call from your Ma and Pa
'Cause they been wonderin' 'bout you

Say they're comin' to see us
And they're goin' to sleep on the floor
I'm a tellin' you one thing, Baby
We're goin' to meet at the door
And I'll tell them...

Chorus 3:
Run your ass out of Dallas
Come meet my Ma and my Pa
I'll kick you out of my palace
It'll leave some permanent scars
I'm givin' all the damage
That you've given to me
'Cause I'm in love with your daughter, Lord yeah
And she will give me my needs

Hatfield's and McCoy's

Written By: Clint Snyder

Born to a feudin' family
Only life that I know
More than one of the people I loved
Died bleeding in the snow

Make my livin' with the moonshine
Brewed on a family still
Never really wanted to be anything else
And I probably never will

Then one night on a full moon
They tried to set my barn on fire
Caught their daddy dead bang in the backyard
Tied him up with bailing wire

He said he had him a daughter
He'd trade for his life
Daddy kinda figured it's the only way
That he'd find me a wife

Set up the trade in the holler
Underneath the sycamore tree
Turned out she was the prettiest critter
This hillbilly'd ever seen

Wild as a deep swamp mulie
And it brought out the savage in me
Wedding night and we did it right
In an Indian tepee

Feud is over
Family's free
Oh, all the things
She did to me


Grumpyland - 2005
Backwoods - 2006

Selected songs from Grumpyland and Backwoods playing at:

McPherson radio station: KBBE 96.7 FM
Lawrence KU radio station: KJHK 90.7 FM

Set List

A typical set list runs about 2 1/2 hours.

Modern Day Gypsy
Leaving You
Derby Car
Squal Line
The Dream
74 in a 55
Drive Thru
Them Beans
Bling Bling
Fishin Blues
Fat Girls
Whiskey Sorrows
Thousand Miles
Hell, I Don't Mind
Ode to Beer
6 Feet Under
Hatfield's and McCoy's
Grandma's Song
Fickle Bitch
Too Much Love
From the Grave
To the Pimp
Perdy Nice
Fighting Change
Mean Old Woman
Grandpa and Whiskey

Selected Covers:
Tell It To Me- Old Crow Medicine Show
Tug Boat Captain- Mike West
Sing Me Back Home- Merle Haggard
Man In the Middle- traditional