Fast Friends U.K.

Fast Friends U.K.


70's catchy riff rock. With a front man who embodies the the word soul and a band who could provide a back beat for the Beatles. Simply chalk full of hooks. To see this band live is a ticket to a guaranteed good time.


Well I'm not an author, i am a musician, but i will do my best to tell the tail of how we came to be...
I guess it all started back in 2006, i had just returned from living abroad and relocated back to seattle. I had been back for a couple months now and as my girlfriend at the time can attest to, i was getting very "itchy" to play again.
As i was shopping one day at Atlas (a vintage clothing store in Seattle) a guy by the name of Chris Hernandez, a drummer, who recognized me from one of our little circles around town and asked me if would be interested in starting up a group with him. I said yes of course, and asked him if he knew of any base players. He told me he knew of a guy he had played with in the past named aaron, aaron had played in a bunch of bands in the past one of the most recent ones being the High Beams.
So chris got in contact with aaron, who i unknowingly worked with at the time at this pizza place called Piecora's. I knew his face but had never really talked to him, you see he was a driver and i was a waiter, which later he became as well. Anyway, we all got together formed a band and with in six hours of practice we played our first show. You know it went quite well as i remember.
We kept on trucking playing all over the city, opening for national and international acts, got a little bit of air play things were going good. But someone in the band had a little bit of a temper, and that would lead to our new and current drummer..Wayne.
Wayne was already an accomplished musician, with several years touring around the world under his belt. You see wayne was the drummer for a little ol' band called the Spits.
As you can imagine i was thrilled at the fact that he wanted to play with us.
Since Wayne has been on board with us, things are once again going smoothly. We've also attracted other well know musicians to our aid. Seattle guitarist Tim Dijulio,(lazy susan, north twin) who has done his fair share of big gigs comes and plays out with us whenever he can.
Well i guess thats how it all began and that brings us to the now, but far from the end. And as you might of guessed, the guy writing this is the third, shane. Hope to see ya around.


Fast friends U.K. self titled EP-2007
airplay-KEXP Seattle

Set List

Our typical set list consists of about 8-10 songs. Each song is about 3-4 minutes long. Putting the set at about 45 min. We tend to only play original songs. But keep a couple covers under our hats.