Fast Heart Mart

Fast Heart Mart

 Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Indie-folk artist and Sidewalk rocker Fast Heart Mart is a comedian and environmentalist. With his girl band, he challenges the listener to quit a despised job, to live in THE NOW and cherish The Apocalypse. "Albuquerque's Best Singer songwriter and Best Busker of 2009" Weekly Alibi Reader's Poll!


Northern Virginia, 1994:
After repeated blackouts, 17-year-old Martin Stamper is diagnosed with an inherited heart defect which makes his heart race wildly until he dies! Not to worry, he now has an implanted device to shock his heart back into rhythm!

Traumatized by his own mortality, he seeks solace backpacking on The Appalachian Trail and grows into a staunch environmentalist.

On these hikes, he discovers the unsettling fact that many of the folks he meets are on-the-lamb. Anyone on the trail without a pseudonym is suspect. The name, "Fast Heart Mart," is born.

Worldwide, Current Day:
Indie-folk artist and sidewalk rocker Fast Heart Mart can never get enough hecklers at his shows. He thrives on the unpredictable element, and his audiences love to participate.

Songs like:
"I Hate My Job"
"Crucified For Driving an S.U.V."
"Hardcore Vegan"
and "White Man Stole This Land"
bring challengers out of the woodwork.

A comedian and an environmentalist, he is controversial for questioning assumptions and stereo types on both sides of the political fence. Yet, anarchists, liberals and conservatives agree, his outlook is fresh, and his humor, relentless ...and family friendly.

Fast Heart Mart's three piece acoustic combo is intimate, yet dinky; quiet, yet rockin'. They have often been compared to Violent Femmes, White Stripes, Bob Dylan and Primus. They travel the US in a VW van that runs on waste vegetable oil.

History, 1999-2009:
During his ten year career, he has opened for international acts as diverse as Calexico, Beck, The Handsome Family, Marshall Crenshaw, The Melvins, Bob Log III, Kasper Hauser Comedy Troupe, and 999 Eyes Human Oddities Freak Show.

In 2002 and 2003 Fast Heart Mart was featured in the prestigious New Mexico Music Showcase.

That was the year he began his olde-tyme string band Hobos In Limbo with Roblyn Crawford on acoustic bass and Kevin "Jr" Jones on 5 string banjo.

In 2005 he founded his own Mutant Mariachi Records label in order to foster other local acoustic artists.

Also that year, videographer Rob Nakai in association with Media Ikonz released an independently produced documentary about Fast Heart Mart's first five years as an artist in New Mexico, entitled, "Arrhythmia". The 30 minute work was featured in The New Mexico Filmmakers Showcase.

In 2006-2007 Fast Heart Mart toured New Zealand where his shows included playing on the ferry between the North and South islands, and the World Buskers Festival in Christchurch.

In 2008, Fast Heart Mart headlined the Minstrel Stage for Solfest at The Solar Living Institute North of San Francisco. Considered the world's premiere two day sustainability event, he shared the bill with New Monsoon, Maria Muldaur, activist Ed Begley Jr. and Congressman Mike Thompson.

Also that year, he began creating a video tour blog about his life on the road as a touring street musician who has an eye on his ecological footprint.

The staff of The Weekly Alibi voted his newest album "Cheap And Sunny" into the Top 10 Releases of that year.

In March of 2009, Fast Heart Mart was voted Albuquerque's Best Singer/songwriter and Best Busker and received second place for Best Americana/Folk/Country Band in the "2009 Best Of Burque" Weekly Alibi Reader's Poll.

He has been invited to speak to creative writing classes at the University Of New Mexico in October of this year.

Future, 2009-?:
Fast Heart Mart intends to increase his touring on the East Coast; work on breaking into Europe; record more releases with his own act, and his bluegrass band Hobos In Limbo; secure soundtrack placements, and continue adding videos to his tour blog, while fielding offers for a reality television show based upon it.


The Movie Theater

Written By: Fast Heart Mart

My life is so boring compared to Hollywood.
I get excited 'cause I'm snoring and my life's all good.

So take me to the movies where I can stay forever.
With a popcorn and a soda and my lover.

I don't even care, I don't even know, I'm not even scared wherever I go.
I don't even care, I don't even know, I'm not even scared wherever I go.

Mayan Prophecy

Written By: Martin Stamper

Runnin' outta' fuel (gone)
Stuck on a highway (gone, gone)
Stranded in nowhere (gone)
With roadkill pizza (gone, gone)

Drivin' my car will be no more
When we all are livin' poor
Civilization shut its door

Talkin' to my boss (gone)
'Bout bein' on time (gone, gone)
Things I do wrong (gone)
I wanna take a vacation!
(gone, gone)

Workin' my job will be no more
When we all are livin' poor
Civilization shut its door

Watchin' pop culture (gone)
Gettin' in a stupor (gone, gone)
Bein' distracted (gone)
By the latest fashion (gone, gone)

Watchin' my T.V. will be no more
When we all are livin' poor
Civilization shut its door


Written By: Martin Stamper

Honey Suckle bees that bumble in the air
Hobo trussel lack of muscle laissez-faire
I don't care if you wear your beachware in snow.

Drum sticks, guitar cords cover my floor
This song symbolizes my first attempt to reinvent
My head was bent out of phase

Country music, simple music is now old
It's the same song everywhere that I go
Run to the store to buy more I know.

Hate Job

Written By: Martin Stamper

I went to my stupid job today
I hated it so much but I went anyway
I hate my job

I have to go again tomorrow
I have to go for the rest of my life
Work until I die

It's just me and the retirees
Out here on the bike trail today
35 years...

White Man Stole This Land

Written By: Martin Stamper

Drivin' down a long highway in New Mexico
Reservations all around me how is it so
The white man stole this land from the Indian to form a democracy

Though my driver's arms are burnin' I have a farmer's tan
Shirtless my skin is reflecting like grass under a stone
These motor homes are giant
They're like a ship on the road
Drivers are old and retired.

Rest stop under a shad tree a bird is singing
Though I wish that I could fly he's dreamin' that his arms were not tied behind his back in the form of wings
He wants to walk for the rest of his days.


Written By: Martin Stamper

Put me on a river inside a canoe
Goin' down the water inside a watershoe
Goin' forever down the river
Skyline of azure

Put me on an island with nothin' to do with a pretty woman and my dog too
There's no cops, no laws, no work and no jobs
No one's gonna drive me crazy

Some are goin' to Heaven and some are goin' to Hell
Most are goin' to Limbo where it's really hard to tell
They're goin' forever down the river
Skyline of azure
No one's gonna drive me crazy

God Dog

Written By: Martin Stamper

Good mornin' 300 take your times
Sit on the floor and pet your dog
Watchin' cartoons and listenin' to your mom plan out her day

Go through some old mail as you wait for God to assign you your task
The project is probably not what you think
It's a project into the future sayin' "Let go of yesterday! Let's all go to the big buffet!"

The most beautiful words are "What do you wanna do today?" It can be anything just remember to live it out here on the sidewalk

Walkin' my dog I'm listenin' to you God
Walkin' my dog I'm listenin' to you God
Walkin' with God and listenin' to my dog.


"Heart And Soul" -Fast Heart Mart (2000)
"Hobos In Limbo" -Fast Heart Mart (2001)
"The Movie Theater -Fast Heart Mart (2003)
"On The Porch" -Hobos In Limbo (2003)
"The Red Record" -Fast Heart Mart (2005)
"An Orange Album" - Fast Heart Mart (2006)
"Cheap And Sunny" -Fast Heart Mart (2008)

FAST HEART MART songs like "Trustafarian", "Limbo", "Hate Job", "God Dog" , "Relative Happiness" and "Chinese Restaurant" have been receiving airplay on stations like:
The BBC Radio One (Worldwide)
RDU (Christchurch, NZ)
KXLU (Los Angeles, CA)
KPFA (San Francisco, CA)
KUNM (Albuquerque, NM)
KRUX (Las Cruces, NM)
KTEP (El Paso, TX)
KXCI (Tucson, AZ)
KVCU (Boulder, CO)
KBOO (Portland, OR)
Radio Goldenflash (Belgium)
...among others worldwide.


"Chinese Restaurant" is #20 on the station: IAC Underground 40 KIAC Hitlist Top 50 Live Hidden Gemstones left field standards Radio FTM more mighty songs Raymond Porter's Weekly Playlist Sep-Dec 2008 subterranean 50 Rays Track Of The Day STATION 1 singer/songwriters of Soundclick 2 River Country

Set List

Fast Heart Mart will typically play two 45 minute sets in an evening although he can play longer. Below is a sample 45 minute set.

Hardcore Vegan
God Dog
Laughing Snake
Hate Job
Chinese Restaurant
Good Ol' Girlfriend
Crucified for Driving an S.U.V.
Cheap And Sunny
Oh No!
Mayan Prophecy
The Movie Theater