Fast Jacket

Fast Jacket


Fast Jacket are a guitar driven modern rock band. The quartet's style is self described as "Punk-informed Retrorock". FJ feature short melodic songs fueled by rough and ready guitar riffs with mad guitar sonics.


The name Fast Jacket began as an album project after the split of Troy's former band. The current members comprise the fourth lineup to sport the name but are very much their own band. The group is mixed bag of players from various bands and segments of the music scene. Ken Kempster (NoManesNo, The Hanson Bros.), Ken Hartig (Minstrels On Speed), Scott (Scottopia Guitarworks) Troy (SLUR Magazine). Fast Jacket are based in Victoria, BC Canada. Touting affinities with acts as varied as, Queens of the Stone Age, Iggy & the Stooges, The Replacements and even Elvis Costello.

Fast Jacket's sophomore effort, "The Devil's Music" (EP), was released late 2005. The band plans more recording and shows through 2007.


DieHardSoftSell (LP) - 1998
The Devil's Music (EP) - 2005