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I Never Knew

Written By: Layne Horton

I Never Knew

Verse 1
I needed someone in my life
To bring me purpose, to be my wife
I know God heard me when I prayed
He sent you to me, now I'm saved.

G G7 C
I never knew your love would be so wonderful
I never knew your touch would be divine
G G7 C
You brought me hope, you brought me sunshine
I never knew that one day you'd be mine.

Verse 2
I can't explain what you brought to me
My life was listless, on the stormy seas
I had no anchor, no towline
You pulled me from the salty brine.

Verse 3
I never knew love could be so exciting
I never knew one could be so inviting
You changed my life, gave me direction
I’m happy now with no objection.

I Wish I Was Someone Tonight

Written By: Layne Horton

Key C

Oh I wish I was someone tonight
Cause I know she’s holding someone so tight
She’s an angel from above when she gives someone her love
Oh I wish I was someone tonight

I saw her there, tears flowing down her lovely face
She said how could someone show me such disgrace?
I need someone to love me now, and hold me tight
Someone who will always be mine and always treat me right

I wiped her tears and let her know, I saw her lonely plight
I don’t understand why someone didn’t treat you right
If you were mine I’d promise you I’d never let you go
I’d hold you tight and be someone that would always love you so

It’s sad to see that someone you loved has hurt you so
He made you weep, broke your heart and then he let you go,
I promise you with all my heart, I’ll try to heal the pain
And prove to you that someone really, really cares for you again.

I Need Some Money

Written By: Layne Horton


I need some money
I need some money
I need some money so bad
And that makes me sad
I need some money.

I went to the bank
Tried to get a loan
The banker smiled at me
And he began to moan.
(You need some money)

The cost of living’s going up
And my taxes are so high,
If they keep on rising
I’ll need a spacesuit to survive.
(I need some money)

I’m in the poor house now
And I can’t pay my bills
There is only one thing now
That can cure my ills.
(I need some money)

If you like this song
And think that it’s so bad
Go out and buy this music
And I’ll be oh so glad.
(I’ll have some money)

I’ll have some money so bad
And that’ll make me glad
I’ll have some money.

So This Is Love

Written By: Layne Horton

So This Is Love

I’ve heard that true love is hard to find

You just keep looking for love divine

The more your search it seems in vain

But when you find it, It heals your pain.

Love will make you laugh, it will make you cry
It’ll bring you sadness when you say goodbye
There’s is nothing like it to change one’s mind
Love is awesome, makes you walk the line.

Some say love, just can’t be real

It just depends on how you feel,

But when the love bug takes a bite

Your whole world changes with pure delight.

Verse 3
We weren't married in Jackson

But believe me I not actin'

Our love is hotter than a pepper sprout

When she kisses me there is no doubt.

She is Mine

Written By: Layne Horton

She Is Mine

She is mine when I am lonely,

She is mine when I am blue

She gives me hope when things look hopeless

She smiles at me the sun shines through.

Verse 1
God knew I was looking

For someone to help me

In life’s struggles, I need an anchor

He sent a lifeline, He sent you.

Verse 2
I’ve never known a love so awesome

Her touch puts me on cloud nine

I don’t know why she loves me

But I thank God she’s mine.

Verse 3
When my life is over

On heaven’s shores I stand

I’ll be waiting by the river

Just to take her hand.

How Can IMake It On My Own

Written By: Layne Horton

Verse 1
You told me as you walked away
That we were through with no segue
I know that I'll be all alone
How can I make it on my own?

This heart of mine will ache with pain
I know I'll never love again
You just ignore the love I've shown
How can I make it on my own?

Verse 2

I hope someday you'll change your mind

You'll walk the floor and wonder why

Perhaps you'll call me on the phone

How do I make it on my own?

Verse 3

Only heaven knows what you mean to me

My vows were for eternity

Now you've decide to live alone

How can I make it on my own?

Because I Can

Written By: Layne Horton

Verse 1
I love to kiss her
And hold her tight
Gives me chills in the morning
And thrills late at night.
Why do I love her
Treat her O so kind
She's one in a million
She's my Fraulien

She is one in a million

She's one rare find

Everytime I with her
She blows my mind
She's hotter than blue lightnin
She's my biggest fan

Why do I love her?
Because I can.

Verse 2
Some girls say maybe
Some girls just say no
When she is with me
She says go, go go.
She's an angel in the morning
She's a devil at night
She's my one and only
She always treats me right.

Verse 3
She makes me tingle
With pure delight
Her sparkling smile
Her twinkling eyes
She comes to me
Cause I'm her man
Why do I love her?
Because I can.

My Angel

Written By: Layne Horton

Verse 1
When she walked into the room
Every head did turn
Mine was no exception
My heart did burn
She was an angel
Her looks divine
I asked my the Father
Could she ever be mine?

Verse 2
I didn't how to approach her,
But I knew I had to try
She was one in a million
Now it was do or die.
I walked up to her table
Then her lovely eyes met mine
I was hooked foreverS
She just had to be mine.

Now she's mine in the good times
She is mine in the bad
Whether rain or sunshine
She makes me glad.
God sent her from heaven
She's my wife, my best friend
She is my angel, I love her
My love will never end.

Verse 3
God knew I was lonely
Looking for someone
Someone to help me
I wouldn't be alone
To help me in my struggles
When things of life are tough
I could never live without her
I'm addicted to her touch.

Why Not Me

Written By: Layne Horton

Verse 1

I saw you arm in arm with him
You seemed happy with Glee
I recall the good ole days
When you were living with me
Your smile, your laugh your tender touch
Those memories mean so much
I wonder this must be
Why him? Why not me?


Why not me to hold to hold you tight
Keep you warn all through the night
Make your every dream come true
You know how much I love you
My life will never be the same
I'm so lonely and ashamed
Every time I see a tree
I ask the question
Why not me?

Verse 2

I can't forget the day you left
My heart was broken, I wept and wept
It feels just like a crash and burn
Hope it's not too late for me to learn
Please tell me what am I to do
I just can't live without you
I must know why this must be
Why him, why not me?


Written By: Layne Horton

Come closer my dear and let me hold you
While he birds sing a sweet lullaby
The moon so softly is shining
Let me wipe the tears from you eyes.

Verse 1
I wonder why you are crying
I wonder why you are blue
Someone you love must have hurt you
I wonder was he was untrue.

Verse 2
You deserve someone to love you
Someone who will always be kind
Someone to treat you like a princess
Someone would if you were mine.

Verse 3
I've never seen someone so lovely
I've never seen someone so fine
You're an angel sent from heaven
Just say yes and you'll be mine.

How Do I Get Through To You

Written By: Layne Horton

Verse 1
Words seen to fail me at this time
Each day I hope that you'll be mine
I just don't know what I should do
Tell me how do I get through to you?

Verse 2
In your past someone has hurt you
You've built a wall I can't get through
You long for true love, but your heart's been broken
How do I get through to you?

Verse 3
I've prayed and cried and walked the floor
You're the one that I adore?
You know my love will always be true
How do I get through to you?

Verse 4
I've tried and tried to tell you dear
That I'll always want you near
Why can't you see I really do?
How do I get through to you?

Verse 5
There'll come a time, when I'll be gone
When God calls me to my heavenly home
You'll cry and cry the whole night through
It'll be too late to get through to you?

G G7 C G
How do I get through to mend your broken heart?
You've locked the door and thrown away the key
I've tried and tried to show how much I love you.
Tell me, "How do I get through to you"?

Darling, tell me "How do I get through to you?


Written By: Layne Horton

Verse 1

I've seen the world
Been to many places
Met lots of people
Seen many faces
Been North, South, East and West
But you're the one I love best

Verse 2

I Want you to know
You're my butter cup
More lovely than a flower
I'm all shook up
Your lips are sweeter than Cherry wine
I gotta tell you you're Fine Fine Fine


Excited cause you love me
You're one of a kind
When I think about you
It sends chills down my spine
You're my anchor in lifes ocean
The tie that binds
I'm excited
Because you're mine.

Verse 3
Say I do we'll be united.
I pray we'll never be misguided
Build a house for our family
Be an example for the world to see.
It thrills me so when I'm invited
Baby don't you know I'm so excited.