Fat 1000

Fat 1000


Moody, beat-heavy, experimental, relatable. Like if The Postal Service had a bad attitude and brought in Trent Reznor with Thom Yorke to help out. It's different.


There are no girls on bass. There isn't a gimmick. There is no one telling me how to cut my hair, what to wear, what to say. This isn't a fucking weekend project. If you don't like this language, then you're wasting your time here.
After struggling with all the bullshit that comes along with the power-struggle ego-battle world of rock bands. I left it behind.
In 2003 a man in Colorado got his arm pinned between a large boulder and a rock wall after a few days, the arm was dead. He amputated it using a pocket knife. It would've just gotten in the way. You see what I'm saying?
I was brought up to be a musician, my father was a musician, his father was a musician.
There are no other options. This is it.

Set List

Currently studio only.