Attitude-driven rock littered with poppy hooks that haunt your dreams, the voice of an angel drunk on JD. Poison candy, frosted daggers, sugary-sweet suicide. Harley Davidson boots, blood-red lipstick, and sick tattoos. Ready for a spin?


After years of live shows, television appearances, recording, and most of all fighting to stay afloat in the cut-throat music industry, four musicians come together to create what is "Fatale". Including members of Neverending White Lights, Skye Sweetnam, and Fefe Dobson's bands, these multi-talented musicians have toured alongside acts such as Our Lady Peace, Hedley, Kalan Porter, Faber Drive, and Hilary Duff. With musical inspirations ranging from Slayer to Rancid to P!nk, they have created a new blend of pop, rock, punk, and metal with edgy female vocals blasting through the mix. They reach a variety of listeners, crossing the boundaries of age, gender, and musical tastes. Most importantly, each member of "Fatale" know exactly how to please a crowd and leave them begging for more.



Written By: K.Fatale

I see you there across the room and
I don't even know your name
Then you catch my eye and smile a little
You don't know my life has changed
You give me super powers and
I see your heart right through your clothes
Mine beats at super sonic speed
How can I get you alone?

I wanna take you home

Just spend the night and
Oh we can pretend
I'm Superwoman
We'll fly so high
Just let me save you
I'll do what you want to
I'll be your Superwoman baby

Thought I had super strength
But you make my knees so weak
I know I could fly away anywhere
But I'd rather be right here with you
I'd take you anywhere if you let me
But you don't know that I'm alive
Bullets, fires, they can't hurt me but
You are like Kryptonite

Killing me slowly

I could stay awake for hours
Singing the same song
I want you with me
I wanna feel your heartbeat
I wanna hear you say

"Can I spend the night?" and
We won't have to pretend
I am your Superwoman baby
You'll look deep in my eyes
We won't even have to fly
Already floating in the sky

Without You

Written By: Fatale

I'm the girl that's in the corner
Yeah they're calling me a loner
I'm smoking a cigarette
Sit alone playing guitar
Oh that won't get you very far
Those are the words they said
So I stayed in my shell
Feeling like it was hell
But some day things had to get better
So I kept my hair bright blue
Wore a big Fuck You!
I'm not listening so mail it out in a letter

You know it's true

I'm not the girl next door
There's so much more
Then what you see
When you look at me
What are you looking for anyway?
No matter what you say
I got plans to dominate the world
It's mine to take
One at at time
Starting without you

I'm not stupid I'm just bored
Not a freak, not a whore
I get that shit everyday
Oh I'm going and I'm coming and your mouth it won't stop running
You still think I care what you say?
I've spent my life being bothered
Been ignored by my father
And kicked out of my home
But I do what I want to
Still saying fuck you
Leave me the hell alone

I'm over you

I'm not the girl next door
There's so much more
Then what you see
When you look at me
What are you looking for anyway?
No matter what you say
I got plans to dominate the world
It's mine to take
Oh Yeah!
Watch your back
I've been waiting so long
Now it's time to attack
Are you ready?

You'll do what I want to
Y'all say Fuck You!
I'm going out on my own

This Mess

Written By: Fatale

When it seemed like another day
You pulled the pin on a grenade
Blew a hole right through my chest
The last thing I'd expect
Now tell me what am I to do
When all I live and breathe is you
You took my world
You took it all
Left me with nowhere to fall

You made my heart stop beating
Don't know if it'll start again
Maybe I'm better off just paralyzed, as good as dead
Left to pick up the pieces
Don't know how much of me is left
Or if I'll even survive
This mess

The tears were frozen in my eyes
But burned like fire from your lies
A fly in a spiderweb
So helpless, as good as dead
I swear this feels just like a dream
I open up my mouth to scream
No words come out but what I feel,
The pain tells me that it's real

Green Monster

Written By: Fatale

Once in awhile I can go a little crazy
Eyes turn red, a green monster inside me
I try and I try there's nothing else I see
But her hands on your body
Think I'm insane maybe I'm just fucked in the head
In my mind I'm on a killing spree and she's already dead
I cry and I cry, emotions go unsaid
I smile at you instead

I try to be strong but something takes over
I'm probably wrong can't fight the green monster
I hate when he puts stories in my mind and my heart
You’re tearing me apart

Dance around the truth a ballerina on stage
Spin and I twirl in a fit of endless rage
Make myself dizzy, feeling doesn't go away
I know that I'm yours, but you're not with me today
Foaming at the mouth, my nails get a little sharper
Ready attack! Controlling only gets harder
Imagine what it’s like when it was only you and her
I won't think twice about committing this murder

Sharing story books with me
When I'm trying to fall asleep
His blood-stained words prevail
These ain't no Fairy Tales
Ba ba da da da da da da
Ba ba da da da
He comes to me in dreams
He comes to me in disguise

Once in awhile I can go a little crazy
Once in awhile, a green monster inside me


In the works...

Set List

30-45 minute set

Walk A Mile In My Stilettos
Green Monster
This Mess
How Do I Love Thee?
Birds Of Prey
Without You