Fatal Film

Fatal Film

 New London, Connecticut, USA

Stark, catchy power pop from a gritty little New England city.


Fatal Film's debut CD Thrill'r introduced listeners to their sonic storm reminiscent of Dinosaur Jr., The Seeds, and The Buzzcocks alike.  Their brand new self-titled full length reveals a new depth to their songwriting, while maintaining both their garage grime and ur-sensibilities spawned long ago by Elton John, T. Rex and Nick Cave.  The lyrics, while solipsistic, are clever, self-depracating, and wittily arrogant.   Match that to rock-solid bass lines that sing counterpoint to Potter's vocals and a rhythm section that has worked together for years, and you have a project that defies classification.  The new album is a reward to the long-time fan, and a gift to the neophyte, guaranteed to keep your ears ringing and your fingers reaching for 'repeat'.

Results of recent college radio promotional campaign for "Fatal Film" (Never Better Promo):

Over the course of the last month & a half, Fatal Film managed Top 30 Chart support from about ten [10] respective stations, including WCSB [Cleveland, OH - BIG station!], KCSS [Turlock, CA], WBRS [Waltham, MA], WCNI [New London, CT], WSYC [Shippensburg, PA], 3WK [St. Louis, MO], KDUR [Durango, CO] & KMNR in Rolla, MO!

During the radio push, Fatal Film also saw airplay at over thirty-five [35+] individual stations, which were KVRX [Austin, TX], KTUH [Honolulu, HI], KUCR {Riverside, CA], KUMD [Dutluth, MN], WMXM [Lake Forest, IL], WRPI [Troy, NY], WRUR [Rochester, NY], WUNH [Durham, NH], WXCI [Danbury, CT], WWVU [Morgantown, WV], KRNU [Lincoln, NE], WBOR [Brunswick, ME], WHUS [Storrs, CT], WRKC [Wilkes-Barre, PA], WSND [Notre Dame, IN], WXOU [Rochester, MI], KRSC [Claremore, OK], WPCD [Champaign, IL], WXAV [Chicago, IL], RLC [Piscataway, NJ], WHFR [Dearborn, MI], WMUL [Huntington, WV], WSFX [Nanticoke, PA], WTHS [Holland, MI], WLUR [Lexington, VA], CJLO [Montreal, QC], KZMU [Moab, UT], KGAR [Lemoore, CA], WIDR [Kalamazoo, MI], KXTR [Stephenville, TX], WKWZ [Syosset, NY], KSDB [Manhattan, KS], OHIO FM [Columbus, OH] & SPINNAKER RADIO in Jacksonville, FL!


Fatal Film - s/t LP (2014)

Boys oh Boys - single (2011)

Remember When You Were Fun - single (2010) 

Please Stop Touching Me - single (2009)

Thrill'r - LP (2008) [released nationally to college radio stations]

Sisterwife - EP (2008)

Set List

Sample set list:

Oh Hell
Our Daily Meds
Something in the Water
Pick Up the Goddamned Phone
Boys Oh Boys
Princess Chords
New / Fast
Christian Mingle

Our sets are generally 45 minutes or less. No covers.