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Fatality brings a different perspective to rap blending hip hop with a touch of r & b, jazz, and soul. Fatality gives his listeners a unique and original sound of music which gives music lovers something different on the menu for a change. This is the variety you'ev been looking for.


When you think of the word "fatality," images of death come to mind. But Atlanta's hip-hop artist Fatality has a different perspective. The name Fatality symbolizes a death and rebirth of knowledge, meaning over time, things change.

Fatalit's point of view and current trek in life began after he was hit by a car and left for dead in a road side ditch just a short time after relocating to Atlanta. After the acident, Fatality had to learn how to do everything that we all take for granted.

He came to Atlanta from his hometown of Liberty City, FL to escape poverty, drugs, and gangs. Through his stuggles to survive the hand that fate dealt him, he learned to view life as something beautiful and very precious.


Who am I to Judge, Fame and Fortune, Time, what Y'all really want, The Devil Want Leave Me Alone and Buck Y'all Haters.

Set List

Who am I to Judge, Fame and Fortune, Time, what Y'all Really Want, The Devil Want Leave Me Alone, Deep Thoughts, Rough Rugged Raw, My Testimony, State of Shine, Confess My Love, She Told You So, My First Love and Buck Y'all Haters.