Fatally Cool

Fatally Cool

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Fatally Cool specializes in live mash-ups, quirky covers, and offbeat originals. acoustic instrumentation, wicked vocal harmonies, and awesome layers...so cool, it'll kill ya


Fatally Cool is an acoustic performance art cover band specializing in live mash-ups, quirky covers, and offbeat originals (everything from Britney Spears to Tool!). They thrive on creating eccentric and original characters and telling stories through song. After a year of making their home at Mary's Attic with a once a month show, they've decided to branch out and share their talents with the world. Recently they've performed at Ace Bar, Underground Lounge, Park West (opening for the Stage Door Johnnies show), and were asked to audition for the one and only America's Got Talent! Upcoming shows include Cake Chicago at the Red Line Tap in March and a live band burlesque show with Vaudezilla in late April. Acoustic instrumentation, wicked vocal harmonies, and awesome layers. Check them out at youtube.com/fatallycoolforever. So cool, it'll kill ya.

Set List


Father Figure
Rid of Me
Don't Stop Believin' that I'm Every Woman
Total Eclipse of the Heart
One Prayer (One/Like a Prayer mashup)
Warrior/Love is a Battlefield
Angst Mashup (mashup of 90s angst tunes and more)
Irish Mashup (Sunday, Bloody Sunday/Zombie mashup)
Let's Get Fat Together (original song by Manny Capozzi)
The Dragon (original song by Manny Capozzi)
Desire (original song by Kyle Greer)
Sea of Creep (Sea of Love/Creep mashup)
Basket Case
Mother/Material Girl (Tori Amos/Madonna mashup)
Mother Love (Britney Spears/Beatles mashup)
Can't Get You Outta My Head
Sweet Child of Mine
I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)
Hurt (a capella version)
Snow from White Xmas (80s rock ballad style)