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wonderful music that can appeal to the masses in any genre, Fatbac is very diversified in quality and is skillful in song writing, has no limits to audience with his music and can animate his talents whether performing or recording, bilingual as well in english and spanish


cuban-american, fatbac is lyrically talented on both delivery and song writing, born in s.fla. has been recording since 96' releasing over 7 mixtapes in the palm beach county area, sold over 20,000 cd copies underground and was voted best mourning show intro for local radio station, registered songwriter and publisher ascap member since 05' and currently has song featured abroad in television program HOME,HOME,HOME


*album: the bay of pigs- not yet set to released
*single: Home is used on BBC program HOME,HOME,HOME
*has released 7mixtapes since 1996-
Fatbac:The album
Fatbac: Book of rhymez chap. 1-3

Fatbac: The bay of pigs

Set List

We gona Make It,
usually 4songs performed at about 2min a song