Fat Box

Fat Box

 Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA

Fat Box plays a unique blend of Rock, Funk, Blues, and Jazz. They occasionally venture into the avant-garde but never lose sight of the groove. Their music features distinct, soulful vocals, fiery solos, and songs that don't conform to predictable formulas. Fat Box is best seen and heard live.


From Jeff Sweeney's write-up in SKYe Magazine:

"FAT BOX - Blurring Lines With The Kickass Factor

Music genre- 1. A categorical and typological construct that identifies musical sounds as belonging to a particular category and type of music that can be distinguished from other types of music.

2. Music is divided into many different genres in many different ways. Due to the different purposes behind them and the different points of view from which they are made, these classifications are often arbitrary and controversial, and closely related genres often overlap.

3. Many do not believe that generic classification of musical genres is possible in any consistent way.

So God gave us Fat Box.

Having spent most of my adult life either working in music retail or dabbling in music journalism 101, I am an admitted genre whore.

Who do they sound like? How would you classify them? Why is Rap merchandised next to Soul? You can't get through a day working in a record store without genre coming up multiple times in one way or another. Working within genres just made my day easier, whether I was selling or merchandising. I have long been a slave to genre, whether I realized it or not.

Fat Box is definitely NOT a slave to genre, and perhaps that is why I have struggled with writing about this band. I can't take the easy way out and let comparison's to other bands do all of the hard work. You can't just say they're a rock band, but they are. They're definitely a jazz band. Is it fusion? Are they a jam band? Yes on both counts.

Wanna drive a genre whore crazy? Show 'em a band that can't be pigeonholed.

Things became easier after Fat Box shared their band philosophy with me, the Kick-Ass Factor.

Simply stated, Kick-Ass transcends genre. And Fat Box is made up of six talented individuals whose common mission is to kick assÂ…

...When asked about influences, they mention everything from Miles Davis and Maceo Parker to Eric Dolphy and Grant Green. Within a minute, we're discussing what choice of covers that they might play on a given night, which includes Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Widespread, the Beatles and Tom Waits. Frank Zappa and Jimmy Page are also cited as major influences.

In other words, anything goes. As long as it kicks ass."

Set List


She Said
Space Case
The Jims
Sister Don't Cry
Walk and Testify
Escape in D Major


Going Out West
Helter Skelter
Come Together
Everybody's Got Something To Hide (Except for me and my Monkey)
Black Dog
Immigrant Song
Have A Cigar
Down Home Girl
Visiting Day
Willie The Pimp
Cosmik Debris
Cripple Creek
Tom Sawyer
Eyes of the World
Skin It Back
Black (Pearl Jam)