Fat C

Fat C

BandHip HopReggae

stoney suburban reggae hip hop, with a cypress hill meets michael franti type feel. crazy live shows with an amazing dj and an m.c. like no other.


Wanna know about me, i can tell ya in a jiffy, im a fat drunk, always stoned, hip hop hippy. Ive Played shows with nationa acts like Tech N9ne, Pot Luck, Eyedea and abbilities, Afro Man. Also rocking Effit fest in Wi the last 2 years and The Gathering of the juggalos in IL . I enjoy bbqs, cold beer, good weed, and life and thats what i rap about . Heavily influenced by the music of sublime, michael franti, the beastie boys, del, bob marley, and slightly stoopid. Ive released 2 albums and am dropping my 3rd attempt Fat Camp this spring. Stage shows are allways amazing, me and my dj have ben working together for 3 years now and hes not just a stage prop, hes a show in himself, we have an old school golden era of hip hop feel and it feels so good. Smoke a joint and enjoy the sounds. Peace and dirty feet, Fat C


whats hip hop (single) 6 tracks 2004
fear and loathing in MN (lp) 16 tracks 2006
the 420 ep (ep) 4 tracks 2007
streaming music on myspace.com/fatc

Set List

set list varries show to show, depends on wht type of show were rocking and what genre the other acts on the bill are. We read our crowd and play off them. Weve done sets as short as 20 minutes and as long as 1 hour. We do a 2 3 covers that we work in sometimes but there not realy covers there beats with a sampled chorus and the fans love em. People like familiar stuff they can sing along to.