Crazy King Gooze

Crazy King Gooze

BandHip HopPop

A radio friendly live hip hop band with a funky/positive/catchy vibe! I label's/manager's dream come true!


Music is about to change once more and move in a different direction because of this next Live Hip POP Band: Fat Cat Daddies! From Allentown, Pennsylvania, long time friends Jay and Gooze took their love of hip hop and forged a new fresh sound. Combining funky beats and some cool guitar rhythms, they like to call their style "Hip Pop." This formula has steadily produced a large fan following in the North East United States. Along with an awesome rhythm section with Longo & Helena their live performance is astonishing! Jay, Gooze, Longo, Helena & DJ V are on a quest to revive a pop music scene obsessed with artificial angst and re-establish an era of music that is positive in spirit with plenty of funk groove.. Catchy songs with a Hip-Hop influence, which appeals to people of all musical tastes. Theyre being aired heavily on North East Radio Stations and even as far as Los Angeles. Now can be heard spinning by DJs throughout Night Clubs in PA, NJ.

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Set List

Our set could be all originals which could be a 45 minute / hour set or we could add in some covers. We could adapt to the situation.