Fatdad is an original band with a funky, jazzy groove. Our sound comes alive with tight ensemble sections, experimental jams, and fresh vocals. The music draws from styles of jazz, afro cuban, rock, and reggae. We believe in the power of music to move people to a better day.


On any given night Fatdad can be heard amidst an improvisational jam with sounds no other band has created. Swirling trumpet effects over a burning hot rhythm section with funky guitar tones, a groovin' bass line and smoky rhodes pads. The next moment someone may recognize a familiar tune, only arranged in a unique and different way. All of the members of the band are highly proficient musicians, with the passion to create something that will move people, physically emotionally and mentally. The members of the band have had college level educations and have been diverse in their musical endeavors. Playing gigs from symphony concert to dive bar, Fatdad can appeal to a broad audience with something for everyone. Major influences are: Miles Davis, John Coltrane, MMW, Phish, The Grateful Dead, Derek Trucks, The Meters, Paul Simon, and Stevie Wonder to name a few. Our band is unique through the dynamic and harmonic contrast to which the crowd will be exposed, taking them on a journey through grooves deep and intoxicating. The listener feels a part of the music via the band to crowd interaction, which gives the fans a personal experience; a reaction to the frequencies that gives the audience no option but to move their body in sheer joy. Fatdad is about creating a vehicle that brings people together in peace and harmony to share moments in time in which they feel connected and yet free. The energy has never felt better in the band, and everyone in Fatdad is excited for what is going to happen next, what ever that may be. We just know that the spirit of the music will lead us to our destiny......


You Dont Know

Written By: McMahon and McMahon

I woke up with you on Saturday,
Wont you come with me?
I got somethin' I need to say to you.
Baby, you are so beautiful.....
Won't you come with me?
You and me and together we'll be......

You Don't Know how, how I feel

Say you don't wan't me around anymore,
Say you gonna leave,
and I'm out the door
Say you dont want me around anymore.....

Running along I notice your face
floating on the water...
Purple skies and lightning tails
And all thats to discover.
I looked up ahead
to the end of the trail....
All I see is our future....

You don't know how I feel......


we've done some demo recording, with three tracks finished....Almost all of our shows are recorded live by tapers. We have live tracks available for streaming on our website www.fatdadmusic.com and also our music can be heard on our myspace account... myspace/fatdadgrooves

Set List

Usually we play three long sets.....Our music consists of many originals.....

We mix in some covers by artists such as: The Grateful Dead, MMW, Charlie Hunter, Phish, Willie Nelson, and James Brown.