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"Fat Dog Heavy"

Five piece band, four part harmonies, three glasses of scotch, lots of two-step, and one crazy night in West Seattle's "Skylark Club & Cafe."

With a redundant name and equally redundant sound, the band called "Fat Dog Heavy," played to a packed house of 150 at West Seattle's Skylark Cafe last Friday. It was an evening of two-stepping formula rural rock tunes, and a crowd that looked as if they got lost trying to find the Longhorn BBQ.

The band itself clearly had some pockets of talent, and they do what they do well. The four part harmony is tough to pull off and FDH does so with ease.... a lot. In fact, it kind of ruined what is otherwise an impressive tool for musicians and songwriters. Imagine listening to the same 4 minute song of intense guitar solo; it's sort of cool once or twice, but eventually it loses its charm. Lead vocalist Dave Cox, has a strong enough voice to carry a song (or at least a part or two of a song) on his own.

Musically, Fat Dog Heavy brings a high energy rock-a-billy sound with equally rock-a-billy lyrics. Their "go to" song "Whiskey Drinkin' Woman" has some single power. It is the premier example of Fat Dog Heavy. They had a couple other unique ditties, and the rest of their songs sounded suspiciously like watered down versions of these few solid tunes.

The crowd, (largely made up of friends, family, and Skylark regulars) loved the tunes and didn't seem to notice any shortcomings. During an encore (yes I said encore) the band decided to play Whiskey Drinking Woman a second time, and to my surprise a few fans had written their own lyrics. As the band passed the microphone around, the original fan lyrics were funny, clever, and crude and managed to be the most entertaining portion of the evening.

To read the above it is likely you think I'm not a Fat Dog Heavy fan, but the truth is I'm happy I went and witnessed this band. They have solid potential and a lot of fun playing in front of a crowd. However, until they display some variation in their songwriting and composition I wouldn't pay money to hear or see them... that is unless I was with my Whiskey Drinkin' Woman.

Check them out and let me know what you think

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We are currently recording our first album. But offer a wonderful demo CD for your listening pleasure.



Fat Dog Heavy was born in Auburn, Washington in the garage of David Cox. Together Dave and Dave grew a vocal sound, harmonizing just about everything in a joyful glee of musical talent. To balance out their wistful vocals and romantic lyrics, Maximus came in with some blues rifts and solos…thus molding the pretty sounding lyrics of the Daves creating FDH ROCK. But their sound yearned for a the deep sounds of a bass guitar god. And so out of Seattle came Jeffrey Malek. Known to some as the guy ends up naked showing off his UPC tattoo…but behind that crazy facade lies a bassist beast. One who will grab your attention with his wit, then perhaps his music and finally his beard. FDH is a force to be heard and drank to. The sounds of four part harmonies cleverly mask the lyrics of drinking and slapping bitches. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry but by damned – you’ll have a good time.

We are influenced by many great musicians. To name a few: Guster. The Lovin’ Spoonful, Dave Matthews Band, Black Crows, The Eagles, Old Crow Road Show.