A blend of punk rock and heavy metal fusion.


Having quietly become one of the last bastions of hard rock in Tuolumne County, the four-piece band Fate 45 recently imposed its will on the Central Valley, defeating four other heavily established acts in a battle of the bands at the Fat Cat Lounge in Modesto.
On the wings of their Oct. 15 victory, Fate 45 will now perform as direct support for the multi-platinum record selling band Static-X on Tuesday, Nov. 6, at the Fat Cat.
Refusing to conform with music industry labels or scenes, Fate 45 delivers its own blend of metal and punk rock, with a dose of 1980s guitar shredding thrown in for good measure. They are especially known for their incendiary live shows and on stage antics.
The momentum behind what Fate 45 is accomplishing is surprising even to the band, considering that the four members — Brandon, age 28, Travis, 27, Kenny, 24, and Jon, 28 — have only been performing live since May 2007.
Two of the members are brothers and three are veterans of the U.S. armed forces.
Tickets for Tuesday’s Static- X/Fate 45 show in Modesto can be purchased at Tickets.com or directly from the Fat Cat box office. More information on the band is available at www.fate45.com.


One thousand step's
Wolf in the winter cold
Clean Cuts

All songs are available at www.myspace.com/fate45