From almost the end

From almost the end



F.A.T.E formed from a group of friends with the desire to produce, original, emotional, heavy music, which is accessible to the mainstream but also appealing to the thriving hardcore scene.

With 3 EPs all of which Sold out within days of release, they have received outstanding reviews and interest from music industry professionals.

With a live performance music video already under their belt, F.A.T.E are visually one of the most exciting live acts currently working the UK scene. Perfecting every aspect of their live stage show has been the preoccupation of this 5 piece for the last 3 years, building up a huge fan base.

F.A.T.E have also received immense support from a fearsome online community, gaining recognition internationally via their website and Myspace.

F.A.T.E have been enjoying increasing attention from the media and received Radio 1 Rock Show air play and representing Britain, F.A.T.E placed top 10 in the international unsigned band competition with Nuclear Blast Records.


The Addiction - EP - 2007

Survive this.. - EP - 2006

Surgery & Progress - EP - 2005