Fate Kills the Hero

Fate Kills the Hero


A pop surfer riding a tsunami of rock.


Fate formed two summers ago, when Matt Levesque, of Marlborough, and bassist Justin Kripps, of Hamden, broke off from a former band to start their own. They grabbed Colchester guitarist Teddy Fuini, who met drummer Doug Adil and brought him into the band. After a few months of tryouts, guitarist Adam Routhier of Marlborough rounded out the lineup.

Levesque said most listeners can’t pinpoint exactly who or what Fate Kills the Hero sounds like. "It’s rock, with a pop to it." Though the rock scene of Connecticut is a capacity crowd, the members of Fate Kills the Hero all agreed the band’s drive and professionalism keeps them ahead of the curve.

Their close-knit environment makes Fate Kills the Hero a fun band to experience. At shows, they’ll jump into the crowd and continue to play. Fate said "When fans come to rock shows, we want them to have a blast."
ALL IN ALL, the five members of Fate Kills the Hero love music. Listen to them, book them, come to their shows. "We appreciate every single thing people do to help us out, and we do everything we can to return the love." <3 Fate


Vulneratus non Victus (lp 2006)
F.K.T.H. (ep 2007)
A Little Bit Louder (lp 2008)

Set List

Typical set times range from 25 min to 45 min and the songs played may vary. Fate Kills the Hero has many songs and can easily fill up most set times. Also, while not totally opposed to covers, originals are vastly preferred.