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Fate of Five rose from the Chicago music scene with a unique blend of stylistic influences. Fate of Five’s music extends an inviting hand to a fan base of unusual cultural diversity. Blending elements of hip-hop, rock, jazz, blues and funk while tempering an improvisational/jam feel with the refined clarity more often associated with produced music, Fate of Five has enjoyed continuing success in the Chicago club circuit.

Fate of Five’s vocalist, Butch “The Path” LeNoir, came up through the Chicago hip-hop movement. An original Blue Groove Allstar, his work with Liquid Soul, Undaground Soulution, All Natural and RubbaRoom made him a name in Chicago. Joining forces with the other members of Fate of Five, a seasoned rock/funk group in their own right, sparked a continuing exploration of an uncommon musical chemistry.

Their debut release including the singles “Groovay” and “Ego Trippin’” presents a musical collage of emotion and energy rife with the band’s trademark unabashed guitar riffs and powerful, driving rhythms. Topped off by vocal stylings ranging from rap to soulful R&B runs, the end result is a fusion appealing to the palate regardless if the listener is a fan of rock, funk, blues, soul, smooth jazz ballads, or hip-hop.

“Good music is good music no matter what style it is. That’s really what we strive to achieve. We try not to limit ourselves in any way stylistically.” LeNoir says. “The creative energy we’ve got going right now is incredible. Everybody brings something to the table.”

Fate of Five continues to play the Chicago club circuit while working on their latest release. “Playing out keeps the energy rolling. I think that translates well in the studio.” Sheya says. The upcoming album further capitalizes on the band’s singular approach to music and accentuates the unique concoction of influences and styles which have become Fate of Five’s trademark.


We have an independently released EP.
Fate of Five Vol 1.
1. Ego Trippin'
2. TrailBlazin'
3. Fish Out of Water
4. Groovay
5. Why?
6. Road to Paradise

Set List

Out typical set list goes something like the following. We like to keep it rolling between songs with musical interludes that lead into the next cut.
1. Ego Trippin'
2. Work Me Over
3. Striptease
4. TrailBlazin'
5. Honeycomb Hideout
6. Cold Word
7. The Medley
8. Fish Out of Water
9. Sailed Away
10. Moments
11. In My Room
12. Groovay
13. Empty Days
14. Red Tape
15. Why?
16. Tired of Waiting
17. Road to Paradise
18. I Like It