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We are a progressive hiphop band with an original sound that captures the essance of hiphop culture through a youthfull prespective. Our sound is the combination of good production an excellent dj and a blend of female vocals. With a sound all our own we are faternal


Faternal is a well rounded hiphop group that strives to be new. Being a product of the local bay area underground sceen we can hardly be compared to any one group. With hard hiting uptempo tracks and diverse wordplay we have alot to offer not to mention dj kc who cuts circles around any competitor.

Faternal combines comlpelling live preformances with ear catching instrumentals that will capture crowds, and fans to quickly become a household name.


three albums have been released indepently by our band 2003 b-boystance 2004 we came to rock and presently our 2005 release of Ride

Set List

cover up to an hour of all original hip-hop
60 minutes