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"This is what hip hop is missing" says rap artist Killa Tay, hearing Faternal for the first time. Faternal's unique, robust, and musically dynamic sound sets them apart from their peers in the hip hop industry by leaps and bounds. Faternal appeals to the entire spectrum of fans in the hiphop market.


This year we will be releasing our new full length album "ONE STEP AHEAD"
featuring Dj Kc on the cuts with Squeez and Sean on vocals. You can look for it at local record shops up and down the California west coast, Rasputin records and in Amoeba Music (both locations) or maybe you will run in to us on the street somewhere in the bay area!

Fraternal brothers Sean and Jason A.k.a.(Squeez), accompanied by the likes and record spinning talents of DJ KC are a product of the Bay Area underground scene and are an amazing sight to see in action. The groups collective past experience's are displayed through there music. Jason explains "I'm still a recovering alcoholic, drug addict who left a culinary career behind because rap music is the only thing I excel at". All three have a lot to reflect upon. Casey, who left a world renowned engineering firm to become a full time D.J., a goal realized after more than ten years. Sean has recovered miraculously from a debilitating accident to become the potent self taught producer of the group. Layered though out the twins captivating lyrics are traces of these and other experiences.

Faternal's goals in music and life have helped them to create an original sound that can be traced back to the roots of hip hop blended with an up-and-coming new sound that will immediately grab any listener's ear. They are self-produced, recorded, and engineered, and over-see every step in their projects. Their music's content is seen by most people as positive and motivational due to the fact that the brothers both do not drink, smoke or use drugs, and it is reflected in the message of their music, which will set them apart from any corner-pushin' independent artist.

Faternal, also known as "The Two Twins", have a distinguished original sound. Some say they are a brand new breed of emcees, backed by a phenomenal disk-jock, also known as "DJ KC". Faternal is a perfect blend of hip hop from their many motivational songs, to their down right offensive material. Faternal keeps every fan, listener of music, or even passer-by fully satisfied after every encounter. Whether they're on the street corner kickin' freestyles or you're at their home studio as a guest, even via the internet, people have been more than interested to see what this group has up their sleeves.

Faternal's main focus is to be heard and to be original. They have a firm base of listeners are want to reach out and expand their following by playing shows, radio guest appearances, CD music reviews, and distributing their music into more accessible areas for people to obtain. Go to WWW.MySpace.com/Faternal where you can catch their show calendar and a few of there latest jams. All additional materials will be provided upon request, such as video footage and full bios.


Get at Me Girl V 2.0
Energy Drink
What's Fresh
One Step Ahead

Set List

Sets span from 30-45 minutes.
Set List is as Follows:
Rock That
What's Fresh
Dance for Me
Energy Drink
Get at Me Girl
Message to You