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1. Full Length, No Singles

Fate Thirteen
The Evolution of Modern Rock
Copyright 2001, Self Released and Produced

Track Listing
1. Domination on the Trigger Finger
2. Tears of Blood Falling from the Heavens
3. Three Beautiful Faces in the Dark Moonlight
4. Nothing Moving Under the Sun
5. The Kiss
6. My Angel Death
7. The Candyman Ran Her Dead
8. Staring Through the Eyes of a Rock n' Roll Wash-up
9. This Isn't Marilyn Monroe Behind the Gun

2. Fate Thirteen 2003 Sampler
No Track Listing Available

EP, No Singles

Fate Thirteen
Things Will Never Be The Way They Were Before
Copyright 2003, United Edge Records
Self Produced

Track Listing
1. Take It Back
2. No Hope For The great Southern Trendkill
3. Start The Evolution
4. Relentless
5. Premonition of Our Final Burden


Feeling a bit camera shy


Fate Thirteen
229 W. Acacia St.
Salinas, CA 93901
Tel: 831-758-1310
E-Mail: XFateThirteenx@aol.com
Web Address: www.myspace.com/fatethirteen

The suffering, annoyance, dejection, of the hunted have been fashioned into a sharpened point on Fate Thirteen's ground braking new record, "Things Will Never Be The Way They Were Before." The deceased come out of the ground unblemished, the truth is told as broken promises drop from the sky like rain.

Fast and deep yet accomplished and clear-cut while even further into bloody shark infested waters and tiger hunted jungles , "Things Will Never Be The Way They Were Before" is a movement-proof bayonet straight into the gut of the over consumed that is theatening to dismantle a wholesome scene Fate Thirteen helped build on their hands and knees from scratch.

Jason Tucker breaks through the five inch thick quaduable pain aquarium glass with a great white sharks killing attitude which opens the flood gates of feelings of living in Salinas, California where kids, teenagers and young adults, have very limited choices when it comes to playing and enjoying music while not doing drugs and/or drinking. Songs like "Take It Back" and "Start The Evolution" are down right absinthian anthems for the straight edge kids and just regular kids of Salinas and Monterey County alike who have nothing to do because of the terrible policys reguarding music of The City of Salinas General Council and enforment by The Salinas Police Department and Monterey County Sheriffs Department.

"I will walk the straight edge till they put me in my f****** grave. blinded by the scenes of greed, i've sat and waited to take it back," Tucker screams in Take It Back as he says, "we stand here in dislocation, waiting for the time to rise," in "Start the Evolution." It's a straight ahead message, a point of view held by many in the scene, that is shared by the entire record.

This comes at a time when the hardcore genre has become dominated by fashion, coping other artists with cookie cutter lyrics and soundalike rifts and melodies. Fate Thirteen has never been and will never stand for that. They are true to themselves and have showed through the course of their career spanning five hard working dedicated years of perfecting their craft in the studio.

Fate Thirteen just hasn't perfected their craft either. While releasing one full length album and ep along with two demos, they have played numerous shows and tours where they played some of the most high profile hardcore venues and scenes while taking to the stage with some of the biggest bands in the hardcore music genre today! Just to give you an example, they played The Corona Theatre in Corona, California (The Heart of West Coast Hardcore in Orange County California) with Bleeding Through. They played the Chain Reaction in Anaheim with Eighteen Visions!

As far as tours go, they have done one tour across The United States of America and one West Coast Tour. As a matter of fact, they did a full on very successful five date west coast tour in 2000 that made stops in giant hardcore scenes. Those scenes were cities such as Las Vegas, Nevada, Mesa, Arizona, Corona, California, Prunedale, California, Portland Oregon and Seattle, Washington.

All in all, there are those who wish and those who dream. Then there are those who work hard, who break there backs day in and day out to hopefully one day get above the clouds and make those dreams and wishes come true and that band is Fate Thirteen.