Fat Ghost

Fat Ghost

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Fat Ghost is a Krunkcore band, entirely created by its single member, G Wires. This versitle genre of music mixes with both rap and metal crowds, alike. The music contains fresh beats, brutal screams, auto-tuned poppy vocals, and some straight up thuggin rap!!!


Two major influences to, not only me, but the entire "KRUNKCORE" genre are Brokencyde and Dot Dot Curve :) What sets me apart from other bands at my same level is, a unique genre, very personable with fans (which i can afford, since its only one member), reliable, passionate, and dedicated.


I have one Demo released from late 2009. You can hear most tracks on myspace.com/fatghostpa and purevolume.com/fatghost

Set List

My current set tiem is aprox. 15 minutes. I have additional songs which can be added if prefered. I play all original songs, with the exception of "Poker Face" which is a Lady Gaga song. My set List is:
Broke As Shit
Poker Face
Dix Out Yo Eyez
Ballin in ma Slippers
Gangsta Legit