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FATGUMS X BAMBU "find common ground between feel-good, old school worshipping West Coast backpack rap and sun-and-gun drenched L.A. gangsta rap. Bambu tackles big issues without resorting to oversimplification or cliche, and Fatgums keeps it cooking with his soulful beats." -RapReviews.com


FATGUMS X BAMBU is the musical intersection of DJ/producer Fatgums and rapper Bambu. In 2008, the duo first worked together on Bambu's third solo album, "...Exact Change...." Realizing the potential of their musical chemistry, Fatgums decided to take a leave of absence from UCLA medical school to produce their critically acclaimed EP "Beatrock Presents: FATGUMS X BAMBU ...A Peaceful Riot...." The EP was released in April 2009 on BEATROCK MUSIC.

Fatgums, born and raised in the San Francisco / Bay area, grew up with a love for Hip Hop. His first memories of creating Hip Hop music are in 1992; it started with his older brother's turntable and the 12" single of Pharcyde's "Passin' Me By". Only 12, Fatgums manipulated the acapellas with the turntable, played the instrumentals out of his boombox, and recorded his own remixes onto his mom's classroom tape recorder. He immersed himself into the world of turntablism throughout his teenage years and started producing beats after graduating from UCLA. In 2008, Fatgums had to make the decision to either pursue music and any resulting opportunity, or to put music completely on hold until he graduated from medical school. He tried to do both, but discovered that it really took away from both music and learning. Fatgums finally decided to take a leave of absence.

Bambu grew up in Los Angeles in the early 80's; it was a childhood steeped in gang culture and 'street mentality'. The oldest male of his family to make it past a violent death, Bambu eventually learned to stop wasting his potential against his community and began to change himself. Turning his destructive energy and applying it to music was a natural progression for Bambu. Between '92 and '96, he joined friendly rap collectives. But it wasn't until he joined the Bamboo Brigade, and later the Poorhouse Projekts that he started making a name for himself in the Los Angeles underground Hip Hop scene. In 2002, Bambu released his debut solo album, self titled. The LP received incredible critical acclaim and write-ups in Jointz and URB. The fanbase grew, linked up with emcee Kiwi to form the popular duo Native Guns (the group disbanded in 2007). Bambu has been lauded by fans and contemporaries for his lyrical storytelling. His vividly detailed narratives are characterized by an honesty that are equal parts brutal, thought-provoking and liberating. His talent has brought him to share the stage with acts like Common, X-Clan, Dilated Peoples, Medusa, Visionairies and more.


Fatgums Discography:

Bookends (Produced by Fatgums and Gammaray) - Novelists - 2008
Exact Change - Bambu – 2008
Beatrock presents: …A Peaceful Riot… - Fatgums X Bambu, 2009

OHHSSH!!! – Fatgums and Gammaray - 2000
25 to Life - DJ ET - 2005
Forward Progress Mixtape - Revision, 2008
Best Unsigned Music of 2008 Compilation - UCLA Radio – Novelists, 2008
A Song For Ourselves: The Mixtape by DJ Phatrick - Geologic (Blue Scholars), Kiwi and Bambu (Native Guns), 2009

Remittances - Power Struggle, Summer 2009
The Audacity of Dope - The CounterParts Crew, Fall 2009

Bambu Discography:

self titled... - 2002
Barrel Men... - 2006 (as part of duo Native Guns)
...i scream bars for the children... - 2007
...exact change... - 2008
...A Peaceful Riot... - 2009

.38 Revolver v.1. - 2004
Stray Bullets v.1 - 2004 (as part of duo Native Guns)
Stray Bullets v.2 - 2005 (as part of duo Native Guns)

Wake-Up Show Compilation "Sway & tech's Best Freestyles"
Illmind Mixtape "Blaps, Rhymes & LIfe Vol. 2"
U-N-I Mixtape "Before There Was Love"
Zion-I Mixtape "Search and Seizure"
Zion-I Album "The Takeover"
Roscoe Umali Mixtape "i Love My DJs"
Malcolm & Martin Mixtape "Movement Music" by DJ Revolution