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My best surprise of the past few months came from Father Abraham. I appreciated the album-and-a-half that he recorded with the Indefinite Article a few years ago, but since he went to Harvard, I thought Father Abraham would be knee-deep in a five-figure job by now (rather than holed up in a Central Square recording studio four nights a week composing quasi-genius beat buffets). I Am Not A Sailor — which translates in Spanish to the chorus of La Bamba — is the mierda; the kid was clearly raised on a steady diet of Kool Keith and the Beasties, but such bouncy gems as “Bosnian Man” and “S1E11-Down the Rabbit Hole” are as impressively random and original as their titles. - Boston Phoenix/Jump the Turnstyle

I just checked my mail for the first time in a week to find a healthy stack of CDs awaiting a listen. First up is Father Abraham who has been hitting me up via email and was really sweet to send over one of his 319 copies of I Am Not A Sailor I Am The Captain. Taking a cup of tap water, Father Abraham hits it up with some Tang powder and mixes his ingredients until they’re so well blended you’d think it was orange juice the entire time. With unrecognizable and cleverly placed samples supporting beats to bump in your car, Abraham loops and corrects those hearts that warped after Atmosphere’s last album with Aesop Rock flows and Noah23 class…and who’d guess the dude is from Boston?

I recently had a conversation with Cameron about rap and hip-hop culture going DIY, watching Baby Bash at a Warehouse party or T.I. playing in the Biko Garage. Father Abraham knows what’s up, he’s on that special tip, and if he keeps hustling like this then the world is his playground. I’m pumped to develop a relationship with this record. - thefmly.com

In a world where the Hip Hop of the masses is defined by mainstream media outlets and the music seems to touch more and more hands before touching your ears, finding a DIYer who can contend for centerstage is priceless. Enter Abraham Kinkopf. His second album (the first being Things You Don't Know in 2007) is equal parts of buttery-smooth beats with seamless raps and mini-tracks. Did I mention it's all DIY? To put out tracks of this caliber in one's own cannot be lauded or applauded more. Pick up the limited edition LP through the buy link above. Some of the tracks bring to mind an Aesop Rock-esque flow style that is sure to please any Hip Hop fan. And, the electronic aspect of it is sure to satisfy the electrophyle in all of us.

Lookin for some freebies while waiting for the LP to show up in your snailmailbox? Head over to http://www.52pickup.us/ and feast on Father Abraham's latest project: the production, recording, and release of one new song per week. - earitnow.com


52pickup.us - one song per week for all of 2009 (ongoing)

I Am Not A Sailor I Am the Captain (May 2009)

with The Indefinite Article:

Things You Don't Know (2007)

The Grand Applause (2006)



Father Abraham is a DIY rapper and producer operating out of Cambridge, Massachusetts. He is currently completing a project to record, produce, and release one song per week at his website 52pickup.us for all of 2009.

Father Abraham's range of influences is wide, but comparisons to DOOM, Aesop Rock, and Outkast are common. The latter of these three has influenced his production style; just like Outkast, Father Abraham's go-to tracks are bouncy, melodic, high-BPM songs that sneak in vital commentary on social and political issues.