Because of his great talent, Father Africa, known as (Kaikpai Paasewe) Has become one of Africa's best and most versatile artists. He is named among great artists of Africa , see page : http://www.ussas.com/sa_music.html


fATHER AFRICA( Kaikpai Paasewe ) is one of Africa’s best and most versatile artists. He Is a member of the PORO, the men’s secret society of Liberia which is also one of Africa’s most powerful societies. A former member of the Liberian national dance company, the cultural Ambassadors, founder/director of the Junior Ambassadors dance company, and founder/director of the Wonde Ballet dance company of Liberia.

Because of Kaikpai’s many years of experience, hard work and contribution to his country as an artists, he was appointed by the National Bureau of Cultural and Tourism as director of Bong County Dance Company.
Kaikpai became the first and youngest artists to ever be appointed to this position by the government of Liberia. He was responsible for training and recruiting artists for the National Dance Company of Liberia.

After two years of training members of the Bong County Dance Company, Kaikpai was choosing to travel to Switzerland with the Kapingdi Jazz band which was Liberia’s only Jazz band at the time. They traveled to Switzerland in order to represent Africa at the Gurden Festival in 1983. After their outstanding performances, Kaikpai and the Kapingdi Jazz band were invited to travel to Germany and Australia where they promoted Liberian cultural arts and music.
When he returned home Kaikpai started working once again with the Cultural Ambassador dance Troupe, The National Dance Company of Liberia and the Kandaja All-Star band as a solo artist.

In 1986 Kaikpai traveled to the U.S., taking Liberian cultural arts and music to another level. He founded the Wonde Liberian Dance Company of Ohio, The Rydim Afrique world beat band and Paasewe Production Inc., a company founded to promote Liberian cultural arts and music worldwide.
Kaikpai also founded a non-profit organization in the state of Ohio which he named Production Africa, an organization founded to promote African cultural arts and music in the United States.
E. Kaikpai Paasewe is a community leader, a nation-builder, and a true Ambassador of African Cultural Arts and Music in the state of Ohio. Kaikpai is also a Living Legend and a man of many talents.

Master drummer, great singer, professional African dancer, choreographer, story-teller, traditional and contemporary African musician and a serious Reggae artist, who many call the upcoming reggae king of Africa.

Below is a list of few places Kaikpai has performed :

(1)---California Street Sense Festival – Los Angeles

(2)----Gurden Festival-------Switzerland

(3)----Columbus Arts Festival------Columbus, Ohio

(4)-----Ohio State Fair---------- Columbus, Ohio

(5)------Amari Flood---- Columbus, Ohio

(6)-----The international Festival-- Columbus, Ohio

(7)-----Dayton Arts Festival---Ohio

(8)------Bob Marley Festival----Michigan

(9)-----Old Town East Festival --- Columbus, Ohio

(10)----(Fastic )------- Columbus, Ohio

(11)----Swin Auditorium ------California

(12)-----Disney world-----------California

(13)-----Wild Hair---------------- Chicago, Illinois

(14)-----700 club---------------- Ohio

(15)-----Skanland ----------- Columbus, Ohio

(16)-----Karomajaro club---------- Indaina,





(21)---African Dance and Drum-Lecture Demonstration in schools and colleges .

(22)---GCAC----Artist in School program Columbus Ohio.

(23)---African Dance and Drum workshops and conferences throughout the U.S

Just name of few, Kaikpai has shared the stage and opened for such legendary acts as:
Gregory Isaac-----Vally dal- Columbus, Ohio

Identity------------- Columbus, Ohio

Flex crew----------- Columbus, Ohio

The Art band------- Columbus, Ohio

Yellow man----------The Del -- Columbus, Ohio

Loketo----------------700 club-- Columbus, Ohio

Kanda Bogoman-----The Del-- Columbus, Ohio

Alpha Blondy-----------Skanland -- Columbus, Ohio

On stage, Kaikpai stands with eight professional musicians as his backing band for concerts, club performances and festivals. As a versatile artist, Kaikpai and his group of professionals play many styles of music, Traditional, contemporary African music, And Reggae. On his set lists are mostly his original style music and few cover tones. Kaikpai’s style of reggae is what many call Fired Reggae -- He is hot!
Miles away you can feel the heat of his high voltage vocal power and fire rhythms, Father Africa is the power behind the music.

Father Africa--(Kaikpai) ,
The Living legend


(1) God Bless Liberia (single)

(2)The Legend
Traditional Liberian drum rhythm project

Set List

Set list range from a 45 minute set,8 to 10 originals, 3 set list of original and memorable cover tones, original songs from both my upcoming reggae and traditional harmonica rhythm projects and cover tones from great artists like Bod Marley, Alpha Blondy and Lucky Dube.

Below are just few of Kaikpai’s original songs list from both his coming up projects , The traditional harmonica projects and the his Reggae project.
(1)--Rock my world
(3)----Open your eyes
(4)-----Hello Africa
(6)-----party Africa
(7)-----We coming home
(8)------Rhythm of the forest
And many more

Below are few cover tones the band does with Kaikpai and his background singers
(1)------Three little birds
(2)-------No woman no cry
(4)--------Remember me
(5)-------get to see you
(6)-------we going to make it
(8)--------fight th