Father Divine

Father Divine


Father Divine combine the intensity of King Crimson, the Technicolor sounds of Mr. Bungle, and the visceral power of Physical Graffiti-era Led Zeppelin into a sound as “diverse as the world is wide- NY Rock


The music of the band Father Divine is a melting pot of diverse cultures, ideals and esthetics. Founded by Joe Ferrara (aka Father Divine) in 2002, the band's sound is a bold look into the depth and potential that music truly can have. Through the sounds of World Music, Hard Rock, underground, Jazz Fusion, Classical counterpoint, and countless other influences, the elements of each song can be thought of as a sculpted menagerie layered with nuances for the listener to uncover. At times the songs are reminiscent of cinematic soundtracks, and other times more archetypical in form, but always striving toward a unique expression and outlook. With the release of "Requiem for Intellect", the band's third full length album, Father Divine has placed a premium on creating an album that is conceptually consistent not only from start to finish, but also in it's presentation. Featuring the drumming of Mars Volta founding member Blake Fleming, the album is a work of both crafty musicianship and superb composition. With painstaking time and precision and almost entirely through their own resources, Father Divine hopes to establish a paradigm fortified by the power of music and sound.
Father Divine's stage show is both a visual and aural assault, with leader Joe Ferrara prowling the stage like some demonic televangelist stricken with Saint Vitus Dance, while the rest of his musical cohorts attack their instruments with reckless abandon, at all times vacillating precariously between frenzied aggression and precision technique, all set against a backdrop of eerie projected visuals. Since 2002 Father Divine have taken their show to the North By Northeast, South by Southwest, and College Music Journal music festivals, and have booked their own regional tours.


The Times They Are a-Endin'

Written By: Joe Ferrara

The Times They Are a-Endin’

I’d like to thank you
For selling me at cost
Someday you’ll realize just what you have lost
You saw the rising river and named your price
By the way, thanks for all the band advise

Your squandering your final dance
You play your petty little games of chance
You hold dominion over all the sows
With your hollow vows,
To your sacred cows.

It disappoints me to see you with your crown in hock
Still you have the nerve to point out all the things I’m not
In a war of words a river of threats you’ll spill
You speak the language but you don’t have the will

Unto each age a destroyer is born who claims to have had an audience with you

What plastic hell is this you have made,
Pointless and revolving?
If there is no reason for any of this
what’s the point in evolving?

Ocean song
Call me home over tides of woe
And give voice to reason,
Anywhere that the four winds blow
And pull tight the flags too many have died defending
And sing unto the tyrants that the times they are a-ending.

Idyll for a Botched Frontier

Written By: Joe Ferrara

Idyll for a Botched Frontier

You are a phalanx of fools an army of kallikaks
Rise and consume salute the flag and leech off the land

Measure the triumph by the fall
Huckster your philosophy to the dregs of society

Ravage the earth with blind efficiency
Brandishing the corpse of trite democracy

Stake your position by the things you will not do
Make a mantra from a lie until you make it true

The choking dawn shrugs through it’s own demise

Fuck and flesh and bread and madness
Car parts and the crucifix unexploded ordinance

Obese and obscene, vapid and arrogant
Carry the torch and lead the world over the verge

Locust swarm of greed and stagnation
Manic tides of internal combustion slag
We’d all like to imagine ourselves as leaves upon the river
But subsidized Fibonacci advances are a cancer
What worth has a man in the face of such absurd proportions
How can one transcend when the din has replaced the landscape
Now paved and shackled, chained and mangled all things zero and dead
Half angles raping half devils, post Cobain suicide
Remember….Serve the Servants

Plants and phantoms, flesh and circuitry
Soil the botched frontier
with flesh and circuitry

Death delighting in
Death delighting in,
Death delighting in death



The Great American Pastime 2003
Recorded by Joe Johnson @ Studio 900, NYC
Produced by Joe Ferrara

The Paradigm Shift 2005
Recorded by Steve Albini @ Electrical Audio, Chicago
Produced by Joe Ferrara and Ryan Tadeo

Three For the Price Of None 2008
Recorded by Ben Elliot @ Showplace Studios, Dover, NJ
Produced by Joe Ferrara

Requiem For Intellect 2009
Recorded by Ben Elliot @ Showplace Studios, Dover, NJ
Produced by Joe Ferrara