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Father of a thousand kids

Bergen, Hordaland, Norway | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Bergen, Hordaland, Norway
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Pop




"Showgaze album review by hissig.no (Norway)"

Father's Day all year
Showgaze (album )

Summary : As with all good pop music : You could swear you 've heard it before somewhere. Remember just where. But would like to .

70 %
Fertil enough for thousands of children

Father Of A Thousand Kids recently released their first vinyl album of pop / rock music. Actually, the music would be out of date , but it turns out that it has virtually unlimited lifetime.

The opening track Blue Yonder for example. The keyboard -driven prog song could well be made in 1973. Still find it 's place in 2013 without seeming intrusive retro. There is something eternal in such music .

No fooling with Fathers , everything is so properly done.
Askøy - rural people
The six musicians in the band comes from Askøy and have all played in other groups previously . Best known is Thomas Lønnheim , coming from Ralph Meyerz and the Jack Herren Band . The other five are Kristian Lindseth , Kjell Arne Kjærgård , Roger Berland , Kjartan Ericsson and Endre Åsebø . Plenty of playing time among the bunch.

little info
Vinyl disc Showgaze come plastic wrapped with Fold Out cover . Not a single piece of information is printed , but names of bands, albums and songs. Nothing about who does or how it is recorded . Just a silly liner notes , as was commonly found on albums from the sixties . Some tubes, manager or producer invented , before the album went to press. Certainly not from random Fathers , band humor we call it .

This is indie . Indie which makes it himself with little money .
self Made
For this indie . Indie which makes it himself with little money . So it takes years and many recordings. Then it ends with a production that is good, but not songs so crispy and clear as one would wish. For either they were too well accustomed , or is the stereo that is too expensive . And then there's indie distribution , advertising and booking. But soon they will travel to the UK to play!

good tunes
The songs on Showgaze all have a strong melody. They freak and Progg a bit in the bridge , but always come nicely in place , and rounds it all off in the last verse . No tampering with the melodies , they will appear gorgeous throughout. No fooling with Fathers , everything is so properly done. It's good, old- fashioned songwriting , this. And as with all good pop music : You could swear you 've heard it before somewhere. Remember just where.

By getting a visit from a friend you have not met since elementary school.
Varied music
As with Testarossa , which is caustic synthpop . Or with Weight Of The Rain , which opens with organ , bass and drums, before some great guitars coming into the chorus . The Blood is more country , with other stringed instruments and Flaming Wife starts with onefinger piano that degenerates towards prog rock with astralchoir . Babushka is leaking and jazzy guitar follow , and what I really mean is that the music is varied and exciting. You 've heard it before, but would like to . Listening to Showgaze is like getting a visit from a friend you have not met since elementary school.

Durable music
So it remains to hear how the sound of the Fathers in the future . This album is made up of the best songs from the last four or five years , and Rune Langhelle has facilitated mixing. Now they have certainly written many new songs that are ready to record , so it is probably not as long as the next release. Until that happens , one can enjoy the Showgaze . It is made of durable fabric , and will remain virile for many years.

Best songs : Babushka / Weight Of The Rain / The Blood

Dag are Nilssen Hissig.no 27.09.2013
- www.hissig.no (Dag are Nilssen)

"Live review from Concert in Dublin (With pictures)"

Father Of A Thousand Kids are a Norwegian band with a lead singer from the Tim Harrington (Les Savy Fav) school. He was out in the crowd on a number of occasions, lying on his back, crawling on all fours and generally intimidating all and sundry, but it was great to watch. Their music is pretty impressive also, and they’re a name to watch out for. - No more workhorse

"Live review Dublin Ireland"

YouBloom 2013 offered several interesting and talented acts, mostly unknown to Irish audiences. One such artist was Father of a Thousand Kids, performing for the first time outside Norway the band brought their energetic live show to Dublin’s Workman’s Club with the own brand of psychedelic rock, which included the group’s lead singer crawling around the venues floor. However, the performances of the weekend belonged to two Irish acts, who perfectly captured the festival’s alternative music thesis. - http://thejournalist.ie/

"Songrevelation spotlight juli interview."

See link for interview in English. - www.songrevelation.com

""Its sent to the pressing plant""

- It is sent to the pressing-plant.
Admittedly Askøy band said the same for nearly four years. But now, this year, it happens really! Debut album coming. Soon.
By Jo Anne Lexander
Published 4/19/13 8:07
Amended 4/22/13 7:39 p.m.
- The album was sent to the plant on Friday a week ago. So now it happens, insists Kristian Lindseth the Father of a thousand kids.

He wrinkles his brow:
- I think even the bill for the press is paid.

Cuts in the album
Father of a Thousand Kids was originally a tour band music festival Lost Weekend in 2008. Besides Lindseth band consists of Kjell Arne Kjær Gard, Roger Berland, Kjartan Ericsson, Endre Aasebø and Thomas Lønnheim. To publish an album has always been the intention.

- You've already said in 2010 that all the songs on the album was finished?
- . But each song is recorded about five times - and so we often ended up with the first recording, Lindseth said with a wry smile.

Something is recorded in kjærgård, something at Ask in the city and some of Berlin.
- The album is a mishmash, a kind of manifesto in the last five years.

- Much of the reason it has taken time is that we do not have high IQ whole gang, says Lindseth, and elaborates:
- Put the whole band together have 80 in IQ, then it goes without saying that we are not able to do several things at once.

- And you now speak for the band?
- I speak for the whole band, yes, turn Kristian Lindseth firm.

Askøyværingen speak only with Kristian Lindseth, band members are in fact busy on each edge of the moment. Two of them are currently on tour with the other bands . Some have even moved to Sogn and Fjordane. The concept of gathering all at once, has proved difficult.

- But now we know that this is not the way to do things. Now we have already booked the next studio recording, this summer. We've had plenty of time to write the new material along the way, says Lindseth.

NRK Music
The band released earlier this month, the single "The Blood," from the upcoming album "Showgaze."
- It is the quietest song on the disc. Quite acoustic, says Kristian Lindseth.

He says that NRK has used the same song for the series of Nordland Railway path:
- It has a steady pulse in it and fits well to train .. like tshh tshh tshh, he says, and stock train-sounds

- And is it used in some telethon.

Now the band wait for the vinyl discs to come from the printing press.
- We have some vinyl fanatics of the band, says Lindseth on the choice of medium.

It will be sometime in late May. Further dates will be decided as soon as the band get the physical product in their hands - then it becomes release party and digital album release. And several l festivals.
- Askøyværingen

"Winner of Festival-battle concert review."

The blistering rock show FATHER OF A THOUSAND KIDS are ready for Mountain Park Amphitheatre!

FATHER OF A THOUSAND KIDS is a bearded, slightly hairy and fit tattooed gang that seized the stage and took a friendly grip around the audience's attention from the start. Bone Hard rock meets six-part vocal harmonies, steel-guitar, a barefoot and super energetic singer, and a very huge joy of playing. Additionally, when you suddenly throw the parties that taste of summer, ska and Sublime, you've certainly something that can begin to look like a winning recipe
- fjellparkfestivalen.com

"Recording the debut album Live"

Father of a thousand kids provided a tremendous opening show when they opened the Lost
Weekend two years ago. Now the band is almost ready with his first album.

By Tom-Stian Karlsen
Published 23/11/10 6:00

- We print the plate, both on vinyl and cd simply because we like to release music on vinyl. It sounds better, says Kjartan Ericsson, guitarist of the Father of a thousand kids and smiles.

Playing the record live
It has taken time for fathers to release his first album, but now is finally the band's debut album with the working title "Showgaze" almost clear.
- We started to record some songs two years ago, but we were not entirely happy with how it sounded. We are simply the best when we play live. That's why we play all the songs live in the studio in three days, says Change Asebø the bassist in the band.

The composite band consisting of five writers and prominent figures from the ribozyme, The Smell, Rockatansky, The Danny Cannon Show and Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band. This weekend the band had gathered for a marathon recording in Studio "Mackwerk" in Damsgårdsveien 57

- These premises, Bergen municipality decided to demolish. Therefore, we will play the record here before it's too late. There are many man-years have been spent on nothing in these premises. It is sad that it will now disappear, says endre reflective.

Full circle

Father of a Thousand Kids started as a commissioned work for Lost Weekend in 2008, when the band opened the festival. This year, the honor of exit festival as the last band on stage. Thus the circle. And finally the record now a reality.

Band members Kjell Arne Kjærgård, Kjartan Ericsson, Endre Åsebø, Roger Berland, Kristian Lindseth and Thomas lønnheim are all well-known musicians from Askøy. The band has also been joined by producer Rune Langhelle to help record the album in the studio.

Like many musicians do not like the fathers to be put in the stall. And as they say is the Father of a thousand kids more of a condition and a feeling than a music genre.
- We are a soup of musicians playing a mix of genres. But you can say that we have a little "retro feel," says drummer Thomas Lønnheim.

Concert at Garage

Just when the new album is on sale, is not yet clear.
- It's hard to say. it depends on the distribution to record companies, says Kjell Arne Kjærgård.

For those who can not wait until the album is on sale, there are opportunities to take in concert with the Father of a thousand kids at Garage Friday 3 December.
- Then we will perform the entire record live. We look forward to this, says Roger Berland.
- askøyværingen.

"The Fathers continues"

The "Fathers" continue

- We sent Linz to Cuba to learn to play rhythm instruments. This can be very exciting, says Thomas lønnHeim in "Father of a thousand kids."

By Tom-Stian Karlsen
Published 21/10/08 8:05

"Father of a thousand kids" provided a tremendous opening show at this year's Lost Weekend. Now the band is in the process of creating a debut album.

- Currently we have three songs that are completely finished. We take our time with the record and make sure we have a lot of fun. The plan is to be completed with the rest of the songs in February, said Thomas LønnHeim.

Cuban inspiration
Kristian Lindseth will soon return to Askøy to work on the record. He has been in Cuba to learn to play rhythm instruments.

- It is very exciting to hear what he has learned. Maybe we get a solid dose of rhythm instruments and Cuban beats on the new record, says Lønnheim

The composite band consisting of five writers and prominent figures from ribozyme, The Smell, Rockatansky, The Danny Cannon Show and Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band.

- The Lost Weekend festival we made pure music. Now the music is packaged in a way more into. There is still a kind of pop / rock, but much more massive, says Lønnheim.

Many personalities

Band members Kjell Arne Kjærgård, Kjartan Ericsson, Endre Åsebø, Roger Berland, Kristian Lindseth and Thomas lønnheim are all well-known musicians from Askøy. Cooperation, according to Lønnhein has gone well.

- There are many personalities in the band. All are specially selected and are unique in their areas. Lately the band has been home with me and made guitars. We have lots of ideas for the new album, says lønn Heim.

Vocalist Kjell Arne Kjærgård also get praise from the drummer Ralph Meyers & The Jack Herren Band.

- He has a wonderful voice that fits well to this type of music.

Fathers on vinyl
The band has also been joined by Rune Langhelle to help record the album in the studio. The goal is to get the album released on vinyl.

- We will definitely be releasing the new album on vinyl. In addition, we work with to get our fathers to sing choir on the album. My father has, the hope is to get all our fathers so that the band name come to the right, said Maple Heim.

Currently, the songs "Fell in Love With the Ceiling," "Weight of the rain" and "Bring it on" finished.

- We have not found a name for the album yet, there is still a little early. In two weeks, we in the studio to record the album, says lønnheim. - askøyværingen.

"Plays together at Lost weekend festival"

The gang in the picture is with Thomas Lønnheim in Ralph Myers of the most experienced on the Lost Weekend. Therefore, they play just as well this year.

By Tommy Nilsen
Published 07.02.08 24:53

On order from Lost Weekend, they brought together a local Askøy bunch of the most respected LW-guests. There are members from "Ralph Myers", "Ribozyme", "The Danny cannon Show" and "The Smell". Now they are relevant under the name "Father of a thousand kids."

It takes of course some time to explain why the band is called "Father of a thousand kids." After many a dubious explanation, the breakaway Endre Aasebø given:

- There is always someone who will get lost in something messy.

In fact, they tarried to tell you what they actually do in the summer to their other bands.

- They do not know about it until we say it now, says Kjartan Ericsson.

- Coolest in town
The somewhat original band name due to a fellow named Kai Taule.

- He's the coolest guy in town. And he is our mentor, says Ericsson.

After some back and forth, they agreed that they are not anything negative to give Kai Taule blame for the band name.

- To say that he is the coolest guy in town is not negative, turn Linz said.

Now they have bunkered up in Skråmestø. There they spend the whole summer to practice and write exclusive material for the concert.

- The key is the music festival. We will spread the joy. It should be fun for everyone, said Kjell Kjærgård

We will try with a question about the music genre. An unpopular topic, we quickly discovered.

- No one likes to be put in the booth, answering Endre Aasebø, and get support from his friends.

"Father of a thousand kids gang is surprised how well it works with several new faces.

- Surprisingly fun
- There has been much more fun to make songs together than we had thought, says Kjærgård.

Thus, it is not certain that they go back to the old bands once Lost Weekend gig.

LW's most experienced have really found the tone. There is hardly a moment without a casual comment that reaps nearly endless laughter.

- It is important to have humor. Then the texts, explains Kjærgård.

Opinions about the texts, many of. But one thing is agreed. They make swell serious lyrics.

The lyrics range from religion to the sea. They have an advantage in relation to the Rune Rudberg (norwegian folk singer, that claims that he has slept with over 1000 women, and had a huge hit with "out towards the sea") they mean.

- Rune rudberg just came out to sea. We are out at sea, it comes from Kjærgård.

AtThe Lost Weekend, they will have 10 to 11 new songs ready, plus a few cover songs. Six or seven songs written, two are recorded.

The work does not bring the money in the bank. The commissioned work is purely solidarity work.

- They need the money.

The biggest challenge for the newly composed band is that too many can do the same things. Fortunately, they have found a solution.

- Here is the first to the mill. People play a little bit what they do not tend. Then it becomes a little more flavor,
- askøyværingen.

"Festivalstunt becomes a debut album."

Father of a thousand kids working on their first album,

They gathered to create a work of last year's Lost Weekend. The cream in Askøy rock scene..

By Stig Erik Elliott

Published 1/20/09 8:15

- We talked about the band that we could live on if performance at Lost Weekend worked. And it worked so so to the point, says Thomas Lønnheim, the band's drummer and founder of the "Father of a thousand kids" with Kjell Arne Kjærgård.

Records on Askøy
Besides these two the band consists of Endre Aasebø, Kjartan Ericsson, Kristian Lintz and Roger Berland. After the success of Lost Weekend gang has practiced at irregular intervals in the basement of lønnheimske Ask. And the musical collaboration has developed so positively that the guys will release a record. The timing of the album release is still a bit uncertain.

- It is well that we may not have one song for the summer and the disc this fall, says Maple Heim.

What is clear is that the recording will take place on Askøy.

- It will be at home in the basement with me and Skråmestø, where Kjell Arne & Co. has studio, says Maple Heim.

New gig at once
Ralph Myerz, The Smell, The Danny Canon Show, ribozyme and Rockatansky: These are some of the bands on the key words resume the thread of the Father of a thousand kids. The band has had gigs for the Lost Weekend. But 31 January is the time for live performance number two.

- When we play at the Garage, Maple Heim says.

Commissioned work on the Lost Weekend consisted of seven newly written songs that were made from within a 40 minute concert. Since then the band has expanded their song material considerably.

- Now we have more than 13 songs ready. We are happy and well in time, said lønnheim.

The concert Father of a thousand kids did on Lost Weekend was very well received by audiences. Some have even claimed that this was the musical highlight of last year's festival. The band has no desire to place himself in a locked stall in terms of genre. But, like Endre Aasebø said at the Lost Weekend:

- We make pop, rock, country and soul with serious lyrics. - askøyværingen.

"Father of a thousand kids Concert review BA"

(Bergen / PULSE): Father Of A Thousand Kids is a complex super band from Askøy outside Bergen. Former drummer Thomas Lønnheim from Ralph Myers & The Jack Herren Band (now the drummer in Sahg) have been joined by members of the ribozyme, The Danny Cannon Show and Rockatansky.

The scene looks like a cozy living room in the 70's, with carpet, globe, flower / plant and standing lamp.

Vocalist Kjell Arne Kjerrgard who normally plays drums in The Danny Cannon Show, takes a Phil Collins and proves that there is much that is hidden behind the drum kit. He has an amazing voice and when walking barefoot on stage with his 70th-century dressing up is not far to Robert Plant.
With songs that are built up with harmony backing vocals, it sounds as if the roof at Garage in Bergen lifting. - www.ba.no

"Father of a thousand kids Concert review BT"

The perfect opening band.

It had a local super band to open the Lost Weekend.

By: Walter N. Wehus

Published: 31.jul. 2008 (7:28 p.m.) Updated: august 11. 2008 (15:05)

Father of a thousand kids 'Lost Weekend'

A super band? From Askøy? Wonders of time had not yet passed when the Lost Weekends first band went on stage this afternoon. Father of a thousand kids can at least pass for a super band, composed as it is of members of the ribozyme, Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren Band, The Smell, Rockatansky and The Danny Cannon Show. That band delivers commissions from festivals are not uncommon, but the whole band was a commission, to do Lost weekend a rare bird.

FoaTK is the prototype of an opening band: They do nothing of being an early starter. (releativt seen - a little over half past five in the afternoon), and offers enough fun and charm to engage sunbathers at Lost Beach. With only Askøy-boys on stage, there were plenty of local fans in the audience.

Kristian Linz, Endre Aasebø, Thomas Lønnheim, Kjartan Ericsson, Kjell Kjærgård, and Roger Berland offered traditional rock & roll, with slide guitar and a vintage synth that extra spice..

And so the festival was officially started. - www.bt.no

"Father of a thousand kids Concert review/Blog"

SUNDAY 14 March 2010

The children and fathers ...

Today, they launched a great way show / concert at Garage / In addition to playing a set in my eyes songs with high intensity and quality, so did the boys of the A Father of a Thousand Kids also a humorous show. For example, they got the audience to turn their backs to the stage. And we (at least I), waiting for now is it any spectacular magic tricks. I turned left on the signal from the Fathers, and what I see. An empty stage! They snuck off the stage after all in the audience actually followed the order to turn around. It was perhaps not so surprising that I thought it would be a trick .. I came to the concert with the expectation that some 3-d glasses would take place (in advance, it was announced on Facebook that you could have with the 3-D glasses).

Slash 2: goose, in the invitation that was to be found on facebook, stated that the concert would take place on goose. Gåså I thought, when I read. How are gåså? I reasoned, I concluded that it must have been Garage. It was what they told me (in Opera, which I've written about before).

My conclusion is that these fathers as they call themselves, know how to fool around with their children (the public). It was playful flowers on microphone stands and plants on the stage. In spite of the fool was the music of a deeper character (I think). The voice of the singer was deep and rough, and made its way completely into the spinal cord. It shone through that it was a bunch of talented musicians on stage. Askøyværingen of rank apparently.

Jokes and games are good for the world and so is the music, so last night did actually A Father of a Thousand Kids a good deed for the world's children. Both fun and intense at the same time. I want to write in capital letters: WATCH THIS Band and get off when they play CONCERT NEXT TIME! Behind all jokes,they were present and serious, so here is the whole package well put together. We need children to play, and we need seriously. Here you get both. I will at least play more if I get the chance. Thanks for a wonderful experience for fathers :)
Posted by JULIA JIN AT 6:00
LABELS: MUSIC, SMALL GLIMPSE In everyday life - julia jin Blog


Still working on that hot first release.



Founder of Father of a thousand kids is Ex Percussionist Thomas lnnheim from Norwegian Electronica band "Ralph myerz and the jack herren band",

FOATK is well known in their hometown Bergen(N) for their intense, and outgoing live-shows.
With a solid mix of rock, pop,entertainment, serious and personal lyrics, FOATK always deliver 100% of their heart and soul on stage.
FOATK is the story of 6 friends that all played in different bands, to get together and form their own musical path.

FOATK has been compared to heavy hitters like Pearl-jam, Black crowes, Madrugada(N) ,but has always been hard to stick a label to.
with 6 songwriters and composers in one band, the variety of genres is highly noticeable.

Note:All guitares and basses in FATHER OF A THOUSAND KIDS, are Handmade by drummer and guitar maker Thomas Lnnheim!

Dublin Castle Review( London) :

Father of a thousand kids- Norwegian combo with one foot in psychedelic rock via prog and the other in something a bit less easy to pinpoint, theres glitter rock, moments of zappa-esque wackiness and generally a lot going on, loads of great hooks though, reminds of The Cardiacs in places also Muse. Then theres gentler more wistful tunes that sound like Family or other late 60's psych types Caravan maybe. Compelling stuff

Band Members