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"First Review"

Available Light

Band members posed in a castle.From the leas and vales of Long Island comes a pounding, heart-rending sound that is a modern, yet ancient ceili for the ear. Fathom takes traditional Celtic motifs and sounds, blends in the modern influence of Irish rock and creates a look back that moves forward. The jigs and laments of the Irish diaspora mix with the high, keening wail of early U2’s Bono and the attitude of bands like the Cure, the Fixx or UB40. They blend to form a confluence that can re-energize the jaded masses, tired to death of cover bands and the too prevalent mono-dimensional blues-rock band. With songwriting that is closer to Dylan Thomas and the aforementioned Bono and throbbing rhythms, ethereal guitar and turbocharged fiddle, Fathom is inserted into a category closer to Eileen Ivers than the Clancy Brothers. The songs emote and smolder with expressed feelings in themes that range from failed love to a plea to Lady Wisdom. The words are peppered with Celtic iconography and the urge to move is irresistible. Fresh, new, old and traditional, like a breath of air off the heath, Available Light is dedicated to toppling towers and is refreshing in its conception.—Mark Gresser - MusicMatters.com


February 2007 For Immediate Release:

Celtic Rock Band: FATHOM has secured an artist endorsement from Dean Guitars. See more here:

http://www.deanguitars.com/fathom.php - FATHOM


"Celtic Rocks" ROCKS!

Just like the first taste of an emerald green lager at the stroke of midnight commencing St. Patrick's Day, Fathom's latest compact disc, the appropriately titled Celtic Rocks (with kick-ass cover artwork painted by none other than Ken Kelly of KISS Destroyer fame) is a refreshing and much sought after concoction of professionally executed classic shamrock 'n' roll done much in the vein of 70's arena-rock icons Jethro Tull (sans the flute) and Kansas but inspired by an insatiable Irish patriotism.
Noteworthy tracks include (but are not exclusive to) "Ireland" on which vocalist John DiBartolo croons 'From the Starving Ships I'll see you fade / From my young wife's lips a last kiss she gave' in a brogue comparable to his brethren Bono Vox and Phil Lynott, and an astonishing cover of the seldom-heard Gordon Lightfoot gem, "Back Home in Derry", with breath-taking violin magnificently played by John Farrell much akin to Mik Kaminsky of Electric Light Orchestra.
Guitarist/Sitarist Mike Clemente (who shares engineering credits with DiBartolo) impresses with his instrumental Page-esque composition "Prelude to a Whiskey" (Jameson's, I'm sure!) which would probably even make the master's ears prick up for a spell!
The aforementioned musicians are expertly backed by drummer Gary Tournigny and bassist Erich Roelofsen in the same way a leprechaun is supported by his trusty shillelagh as he searches for his pot of gold. This is best heard on such stalwart numbers as "Stone in the Field" and the smile-producing "Wild Rover."
I couldn't fathom...er... conceive of celebrating next St. Patty's Day without Fathom's Celtic Rocks as my soundtrack. But don't wait until then to obtain your copy for due to it's high-desirability a famine of this compact disc is surely inevitable. - Mark Adomaitis


LP's: Available Light, Pollution Blues, Celtic Rocks and the Last Battle available at bands website www.fathom.tv with streaming media. Also available on I-Tunes and other major digital download sources.



January 2008

With a unique blend of traditional Irish melody and the pure thunder of progressive and classic rock, Fathom is destined to musically innovate, as well as energize the jaded masses. "Fathom bombards people with an intense and powerful show! They belong on all large Irish and Celtic festivals as well as the big rock concert stages," says Charlie McKenna, founder of Slainte Irish Festival, the largest of its kind in the North East USA. Charlie continues, "No one sounds like them or performs with their contagious energy!"

Fathom boasts a kinetic live show that will give any heavy metal band a run for its money. "Traditional Celtic music reaches down into people's souls and shakes them and says 'wake up, its time to dance, shout and have a good time', declares guitarist Robert Muller. "We have hybridized that ancient sound with monster guitar riffs, added some Guinness for good measure and we are thunderstruck with the result!"

Fathom's songs and sound explore landscapes of Celtic myth breathed through modern and traditional instruments. Their third and latest self-released CD "Celtic Rocks" follows their critically acclaimed "Pollution Blues" CD. "We are currently working on new material for our yet unnamed fourth album, and we are forging a prodigious and heavy sound," explains lead singer/songwriter John DiBartolo. John's poetic lyrics meander through history, myth, and weighty spiritual topics to the primal theme of lost love.

John Farrell, a virtuoso of the mandolin and violin, has been playing since the age of four. His mastery of traditional Irish music is a driving force in Fathom's Celtic lifeblood. As blues is to Led Zeppelin, Irish music is to Fathom. Farrell states, "Irish and classical music was all I played growing up. I'm really excited to be able to assimilate traditional Irish music in a non-traditional sense with the band, some of this music is very complex."

"Fathom has broken the boundaries of the traditional Celtic music scene. We have exposed ourselves to mainstream rock audiences by playing shows with diverse and classic artists such as Hot Tuna, Jason Bonham, Tom Tom Club, as well as folk legends like Fairport Convention and then the whole gamut of Celtic giants such as the Wolfe Tones, Black 47 and countless others", notes drummer Gary Tourigny.

There are no boundaries for Fathom's musical pursuits. All forms of music have traditional roots and Fathom draws its creative juices from a deep source. "Music needs to be progressive and at the same time tip its hat to the past. Fathom wants to bring intricate Celtic melody to the rock fans and rock to the Celts", concludes bassist Erich Roelofsen.

Bio written by:
H.E. Douglas Buchanan Bailey
13th Armorial Head of The House Of Bailey.
Hereditary Knight Of Altenburg GP OBT KGCJ

Email: fathom@fathomband.com