Fat Jackal

Fat Jackal

 Perth, Western Australia, AUS

Fat Jackal’s groove can best be described as alternative rock with driving beats and insightful lyrics, showing the band’s natural and honest writing skills and dynamic performance abilities.

stripping rock back to its originality of a 3 piece band.


"Fat Jackal seemed to be the newest of all the bands playing on the block with the eager to please earnestness first gigs often bring. The three piece brought to the table very strong blues a’la punk a’la garage rock efforts with powerful vocals from singer Joel Martin and catchy guitar riffs to boot
here’s certainly a market for what they’re doing and they’re doing it well; provided they bring enough quirks and a unique angle to stand out in the long run."

-Nic Owen, faster Louder.

we play music because it makes us feel better about our bodies