Fat J and the Pinners

Fat J and the Pinners


Fat J and the Pinners are one of the most entertaing live acts available. Air tight musicianship and over the top stage antics make this band a must-see.


All of the music that comes from Fat J and the Pinners has one common element... Entertainment! From their twangy country single, "Whiskey and Blow" about a washed up old country star with a second chance at life, to the hard rock single, "Ham and Eggs" about the importance of eating the first meal of the day, Fat J and the Pinners have painstakingly hand crafted each song with love, care, and an overwhelming sense of humor. With years and years of experience between each member of this four-piece Fat J and the Pinners is the nexus between shiny polished songwriting and pure fun.


Fat J and the Pinners currently have one ep available for streaming and downloading at a number of websites including myspace, garage band, facebook, mp3.com, and our own website www.fatjandthepinners.com

Set List

We can adjust our setlist based on the show we are playing. When we play in venues with other original bands we tend to do a 45 minute to an hour or so set of almost all originals with maybe one or two covers. On the other hand sometimes we book shows where well play for three hours at a time and well play about half covers and half originals. Some of our covers include, Fame-David Bowie, Bad Boys-Inner Circle (COPS theme song), Miss You-Rolling Stones, Manic Depression-Jimi Hendrix, Santeria-Sublime, Creep-Radiohead, Funky Monks-Red Hot Chili Peppers, ect.