Fat Kids Brotha
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Fat Kids Brotha

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop R&B


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"FatKidsBrotha On "Live Mixtapes""

Live Mixtapes - Live Mixtapes

"FatKidsBrotha On "Def Pen Radio""

The Atlanta duo FatKidsBrotha released their new project Eastside Paradise. - Def Pen Radio

"FatKidsBrotha On "Barrel House Bklyn""

Barrel House Bklyn - Barrel House Bklyn

"FatKidsBrotha On "Thats Enuff""

FatKidsBrotha Eastside Paradise Mixtape - Thats Enuff

"FatKidsBrotha On "FreeOnSmash""

FKB became one of our favorites after seeing the “40 oz” video. They’ve dropped a couple solid leaks since and the ATL crew has geared up for the launch of their newest mixtape Eastside Paradise. That raw talent from the group, paired with their grind against manufactured and traditional 2011 rap and radio, make them a force to be reckoned with. Plus, we found them on our world famous forums, so you know it’s love. - FreeOnSmash

"FatKidsBrotha On "Nah Right""

Not mad at this at all. FatKidsBrotha are a couple of guys out of Atlanta repping the Two 9 crew. This is off their #Two9Forever mixtape, which you can grab here. - Nah Right

"FatKidsBrotha On "Complex""

Atlanta-by-way-of-Detroit's FatKidsBrotha is a duo of like-minded MCs making some noise on their own and as part of the burgeoning Two 9 crew, which just dropped the #Two9Forever mixtape. One of the project's sharpest cuts just so happens to be FatKidsBrotha's "DooRag," a grimy banger dedicated to their rugged lifestyle. Complementing the track's raw feel is its video, which showcases the two spitters ridin' around recklessly, gettin' tatted up, and guzzling 40 ozs. - Complex Magizine

"FatKidsBrotha On "The Fader""

Judging by their lazy-day-in-the-life video for “DooRag,” you might never guess that Atlanta hip hop collective Two 9 have a solid work ethic. But in between taking precarious joyrides and smoking joints while getting tattooed, they’ve kept busy by mass-producing rap gems all summer. Listen to their debut mix tape, Two 9 Forever on livemixtapes, and check out a few other tracks below.

- The Fader

"FatKidsBrotha On "Kill-Your-Self""

Posts On "Kill-Your-Self" - Kill Your Self

"Fat Kids Brotha On "Governed By Loyalty""

Posts On "Govern By Loyalty" - Governed By Loyalty

"Fat Kids Brotha On "84 Area""

Posts On "84 Area" - 84 Area

"Fat Kids Brotha On "Fli Pelican""

Posts On "Fli Pelican" - Fli Pelican


"What's In Your Sandwich?" January 2010
"The Starting Five" April 2010
"The Lamest Cool" August 2010
"The Starting Five 2" March 2011
"Eastside Paradise" September 2011
"Two9 Forever" July 2012



Barely-legal, these kids live the lifestyle. They claim to be the little brothers of people who are living an even better life. “FatKidsBrotha is like we are the little brothers of hip-hop. We are trying to be like the Jay-Zs and the Jeezys. They got fat pockets. We are trying to eat and be like them. That’s an –a at the end of brother by the way, NOT AN –ER,” Dav.E exclaims. He’s very avid about the spelling and what’s in his sandwich. “Turkey breast, lettuce, mayo, salt and pepper, and cheddar cheese. And if we talking Subway, gotta have that Italian Herb and Cheese bread toasted,” he describes. Their recent mixtape What’s In Your Sandwich is a metaphor. It’s definitive to what makes them the artists they are and what makes their music what it is. The young brothers have opposite content lyrically, but they seem to make it work. “I rap about girls, money, my shoes, me,” younger sibling Johnny says. Being a little older, Dav.E tends to stick to the more relative subjects like his part-time job or his Nissan. It’s being that age that still gets him talking about the ladies and his nightlife. Baby face Dav.E and bearded Johnny have been making their way onto the stage of some of the hotness performers out of 2009 since the beginning of this year, including North Carolina emcee J. Cole and New Orleans lyricist Curren$y. Musically, they have the lyrical talent and presence of any superstar running the game right now. Quite humorous individuals, their playful attitude and conceptual thinking makes for quite a record. Interestingly enough, the duo has been sticking it out since 2008. Back then there were four members, fabulous group names, and no loyalty. “Changes make changes makes changes and they happen. But we had some trashy names though,” Johnny started. Dav.E continued with their un-appealing group names. “FAB was fabulous and balling and FAB was fabulous and fresh,” he finishes. Their fabulous-ness can be a lot to take in, but they wear it well. Homegrown but nationally known fashion designers Fli Pelican has collaborated with the group many times in styling situations and now we may see their own personalized t-shirt on Saturday night. Groupies wait in line, they’re not sure if it’ll be ready just yet. But their performance will be ready, full of energy and a presentation of some young cats making it about more than rap. “No stiff boring show. We really wanna win this because there’s a lot at stake. It’s says a lot to go to South by Southwest. We want to make sure the whole south knows about FatKidsBrotha before anything else comes out,” Dav.E adds.