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"The Alphanut" - self released full-length CD - 2007
(with 2 tracks recorded by Larry Patton of The Flying Burrito Brothers)

"Select Strips" - self released EP - 2004

"You Can't Polish Turd" - self released EP - 2003

"More Gooder" - self released cassette EP - 2000

B-Rock 93.7 Cookeville, TN
- Appeared in the studio and performed live
- Songs featured and played

WTTU 88.5 Cookeville, TN
- Songs featured and played

KDHX 88.1 St. Louis, MO
- Songs featured and played

WCTE TV (PBS) Cookeville, TN
- appeared live on television performing a 30 minute set

Live Highlights -
Jordaroo III - 2007
Jordaroo II - 2005
Big Boy & Toy Show - 2003

Performed With:
The Sound of Urchin
Crescent Moon (Dave from Ween)
Michale Graves (The Misfits)
Red Rocket Deluxe
The Rock City Dropouts
Downtown Brown
The Carter Administration
The Hot Pipes
The Screemin Boweevils

...and Cletus has even been cussed out by Unknown Hinson!



Webster's describes Fatmandrool as:

Fatmandrool (fat man drool) n.
1. The best or richest part of a member of the genus Homo, characterized by erect posture and an opposable thumb; able to be envious, desirous, eager for, or extremely happy about existence (or something).

2. Three crazed maniacs who love to play Rock n Roll music.

Fatmandrool is a 3 piece rock, indie, metal, punk, country, hip hop, bluegrass, light jazz band composed of:

Cletus Clede
(bass/vocals/ukelele/liquor/outspokenness/good luck)

Hollywood Hank Doral
(drums/electronic devices/evil genius-like activities/destruction)

Cpt. Crimsquad
(guitar/art/(in)sanity/organization/confusion/rockin' jams)

Our three unlikely heroes meet in an improbable way...
The legend of Fatmandrool was born years ago when Cletus and Crim's creativity was combined with a borrowed 4-track cassette recorder. It all began innocently enough...they hooked up their equipment, wrote a few songs, programmed some drums and commenced to rock out! The next thing they knew, they had tweaked some levels, turned a few knobs, and amassed a huge collection of ditties and jubilees good enough to not only amuse themselves...but also the public at large.

It was in this period of writing and recording that Cletus and Crim began to feel that something was missing, after 2 years of playing acoustic and using a drum machine to communicate their ideas, it was time for a change. Luckily they were fortunate enough to meet a crazed 80's metal god, named Hank Doral, who was very interested in joining forces to play drums and write new material with Fatmandrool. The change ended up being just what they needed to easily take their sound public, thus expanding their ability to experiment during live shows and truly take the music to new places.

The band is but a result of this diverse and creative triangulation at work, with each part flowing seamlessly, one instrument combines with the next to create some of the best and most original music heard in years.

Feeling ostracized by today's popular music, they fight back by playing what they feel, often blending several styles to create something new, offering their fans a truly original musical experience. With their unique stage presence, home-made electronics, airtight playing, and offbeat sense of humor...Fatmandrool are guaranteed to entertain even the lamest of asses.

Recently completed is their debut full length CD independently released March 25th, 2007 titled; Fatmandrool, 'The Alphanut'. They're taking their music to the public by any means necessary, playing as many shows as they can cram into their schedule, and making new fans at every stop along the way. So keep an eye out for a show near your town, and be sure to make it out, because every live Fatmandrool show is celebration of the rock'n'roll lifestyle. That's what it's all about....keeping the rock alive. And it seems that the endless practices, bar gigs, and benefit shows are finally paying off, paving the way for our heroes to take their rightful place as the true musical saviors that they are!


Fatmandrool have been busy this past year gigging heavily around the Tennessee area. With their now completed self-produced debut CD "The Alphanut" in hand, the band are really looking to get out there more and take their sound on the road.

They've opened for national touring acts Adema, The Sound of Urchin (RCA/Hybrid Records), Michale Graves (The Misfits), Downtown Brown, and Shat. They also play regularly at Springwater Supper Club in Nashville TN, and have also appeared at The Gibson Showcase, The Muse, The End, The House of Rock, Rutledge, and Lyrix in Nashville. As well as shows in Clarksville, Tullahoma, Murfreesboro, Sparta, Johnson City, and the Atlanta GA area. Not to mention the countless club, festival, bar, and benefit shows in their hometown of Cookeville TN, where they have developed quite a fan base. There they have performed live and had their music featured on B-Rock 93.7, WTTU 88.5, and appeared on the local PBS affiliate WCTE TV.

You can learn more about Fatmandrool by visiting their MySpace account linked at the bottom. There you will find more audio samples, live video, and many pictures of the boys doing what they do best....rocking out!

If you are interested in Booking, Signing, Supporting, or Sponsoring Fatmandrool...feel free to contact their Manager Jeff Mackie by clicking the "Contact" link above on the left.