Fat Rhabit is a symphonic and soaring, straight-ahead rock band. They offer a sample of the future destination of 21st century, sophisticated rock.


Fat Rhabit showcases the band’s collective influences which produces a style of rock music that is both complex in textures and solid as terra firma. The band stays true to their sound and delivers high-energy rock that is undeniably of their name.

Front man Joel Broersma’s lyrical journey is paced with Dan Dupuis’ and Nick de Haan’s guitar & cello work that is a driving, melodic wall of virtuosity. Bassist Ross Troost and drummer Ian Breslin light an underlying fire that rages throughout this project in a style and sound that is reminiscent of legendary rock rhythm sections. Travis Englers' stylings on the keys form a fabric not unlike R & B, but with with a heavy dose of psychedelica.

Fat Rhabit is currently touring the Southwest U.S. and are soliciting offers from independent and major labels, corporate sponsorship, booking agents, and tour promoters.

Fat Rhabit headlined the nationwide "Freedom to Rock Tour 2005", covering over sixty U.S. military installations. Sponsored in part by MRV.

"Vultures" 2006. Fifteen dates spanning the Midwest US, in support of their independent release. on a self supported tour.


Fat Rhabit - EP independent release 2005
singles: Brat, Vultures both received national airplay on multiple speciallty radio shows

Upcoming Releases:

Thin Skin Full Length LP release date is: Jan 2008. Label: N/A
Distribution: Rhabit Hole Productions, LLC

Set List

Fat Rhabit will perform up to 3 x 45 minute sets consisting of original music with a few medley / cover tunes and underground favorites interspersed with the occasional jam session.