Fats Wah Wah

Fats Wah Wah

 Olinda, Victoria, AUS

RRR presenter and drummer of Daddy Cool Gary Young described the Fats sound as 'tough but sensitive' combining as it does elements of delta blues, reggae, country, and free flowing improvisation, all with an unerring ear for a hook.


Influences. Tom Waits. Howling Wolf. Captin Beefheart. Frank Zappa. Bob Dylan. Bob Marley and the wailers. Parliament. The Meters. Taj Mahal. Steve Miller Band. The Band. Little Feat. Rolling Stones. Al Green. Curtis Mayfield. Dire Straits. Macy Gray. Joan Armatrading. Jimi Hendrix. The Who. Dr. John. Neil Young. Ross Hannaford. Tim Buckley. Sly And The Family Stone. Prince. Lou Reed. Rene Geyer. Joni Mitchell. Janis Joplin. Cream. Patti Smith.
Sounds Like Roots infused Funk 'n country Blues
Take the trip through funky reggae, sweet ballads, foot stomping country and blues turned red hot. It's more than music, it's an attitude adjustment.

Matthew Frederick of 'The Age' says, "Straddling the worlds of blues, funk and reggae, the guys in Fats have a powerful sound that's been causing a heavy buzz around town. The band sounds like a mad scientists deranged attempt to combine the DNA of Tom Waits, George Clinton and Bob Marley."


1. Fats Wah Wah
2. Fats Wah Wah Live
3. Surfs up in Gembrook
Airplay 3RRR, 3PBS, ABC National, 3MDR. All Albums.

Set List

Sets are approx 40 mins to an hour.
Most of the repertoire is original songs written by Luke Spekes or co-written with other members. We have around 50 originals and do covers from time to time. Some of Fats songs are: Nothin' like the blues, I wanna be a boss, Dam busted, Guilty as sin, Come home to daddy, Let me loose, Stranded, Cold cold blizzard, I wanna fly, Chain smokin', Keep on steppin', Feeling the shame, Running out of time, Surfs up in Gembrook, Copperload Express, Yesterday tommorrow, Lifeboat, Fat Chook, J Man, Shoot your feet, Waisted time, Hang tough, Evil, Pins, Outa sight, Take it.