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Fatt Father doesn’t need Maury to tell him he’s the father; he already knows, and with his latest album Fatherhood he deserves to win Father of the Year.

I enjoyed this fourteen track album, it put a smile on my face and I was a bit upset when it ended. Fatt Father uses Fatherhood as a platform to tell a story of his life in the wild unforgiving cold streets of Detroit; true to the duties of fatherhood, he teaches valuable life lessons of the streets. Street Life is fun, it’s energetic, and it’s a party every day, while at the same time, street life is real, it’s dangerous, and you’ll sometimes wonder if you’ll live each day. Get your priorities straight, learn the things school can’t teach you; like how to hustle, tread easy if you happen to deal with him, and don’t take any time for granted; tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone. And that’s the just of what I took away from this album.

Fatt Father is cool, calm, and collected as he spits lyrics that I couldn’t help but to nod my head in acceptance. I loved the beats, I loved his voice and how he exuded confidence in every lyric. Fatherhood also featured artist such as Fat Killahz, King Gordy, MarvWon, Moe Dirdee, and more that accompanied this album nicely. While I truly enjoyed every minute of Fatherhood, there are always those songs in which I can’t get enough; those songs are:

Track 2: I’m The Father
Track 3: Hungry
Track 4: Gangsta Bitch feat. Invy
Track 8: Raw Shit feat. King Gordy, Seven The General and Phat Kat
Track 9: What I Do
Track 10: Street Life
Track 12: Priorities feat. MarvWon
Track 13: Street Scholars feat. Miz Korona and Moe Dirdee
Track 14: Tomorrow feat. MonicaBlaire

I urge you all to check the link below and purchase a copy of Fatherhood for yourself. - http://queenrobin86.wordpress.com

""Doin' it Big" by Shannon DeVries"

Success is something we each strive for in our own walks of life. For some MCs in the Detroit circle, being a "hood star" or going on a couple national tours is enough to be successful. Not Fatt Father. He has already toured the nation with some notorious acts like Slum Village and Redman and Method Man, but that isn’t enough. He wants to be able to “wake up and focus on nothing but music and my kids.”

One of his role models is the late "Mayor of Detroit," Big Proof. “If I can be as successful as Proof and still have the hunger and the drive that he had, I would be satisfied. I mean, the day I can watch myself on MTV while I’m chillin’ in a hole in the wall bar like, 'Yeah we cut that yesterday’ — to me, that’s like you still doin’ you — you haven’t let the game [change] you.”

In today’s mainstream hip-hop world, most song concepts display extreme exaggerations of the truth, but Fatt Father keeps his music as real as his life. Fatt said, “People have made it [so that] music is so far away from what’s real now.” He spoke of 2Pac’s reality, also one of his role models, who starts a record by telling a female to keep her head up, but in the same disc blatantly states he "gets around."

Said Fatt, “You don’t feel gangster all day — you don’t have to be on no gangster shit when you with your kids. I’m sittin’ here talking to you right now with my son layin’ on my chest. But in four hours, I may be in the club slappin’ the shit outta somebody for doin’ something stupid. That’s just the reality of it.”

But between the family time and late night smack downs, the Father of Fattness did find time time to record a new album with some of Detroit’s heavyweights. His self-titled album, Fatt Father, includes production by Black Milk. Fatt describes this album similar to a movie: “You gon' laugh, you gon' cry, you gon' think, you gon' dance — whatever. I think people are gonna enjoy it.” | RDW - www.realdetroitweekly.com

"[Videos] Fatt Father - "I'm The Father""

You may have heard Fatt Father mentioned with the likes of Black Milk & Guilty Simpson. If not, familiarize yourself, before his "Fatherhood" drops on July 24. - HipHopDX


A couple of days ago, on the way home from a show out in Pomona, I had a conversation with DJ House Shoes in the car about Detroit emcees as Shoes played me his upcoming album called Let It Go. Among those that came up in that conversation was Fatt Father. Fatts is one of my favorite emcees on the Detroit scene, who I personally feel has never got his just due. When I was first introduced to Fatts, it was during the illustrious Myspace days of indie music. I pressed play on his then new song, “Dust In The Wind,” and I knew that I stumbled on to someone spectacular. - http://www.whutupdoe.com

"Album Alert: Fatt Father - Fatherhood (Cop This IMMEDIATELY!!!)"

Fatt Father is set to release his new project, "Fatherhood", on Fat Killah Ent./Morbid Music LLC on July 24, 2012.
Fatherhood, executively produced by Fatt Father and Chanes (Beats At Will producer) who also produced the entire project (with the exception of track 14, produced by emcee/producer MarvWon) includes 14 tracks that showcase tremendous lyrical skill as well as the ups and downs of life, but, above all else, serve as a testament to Fatt Father’s unwavering duty to be the best father that he can be to his children.
Fatherhood features an all-star roster, including: Fat Killahz, Phat Kat, Sean Price, Guilty Simpson, Moe Dirdee, Miz Korona, Seven the General, Invy Tha Truth, Roc Marciano and MonicaBlaire.
Fatherhood will be available on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Rhapsody, Google Play, MediaNet, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Zune, & More... Physical copies are now available for pre-order in The Fatt Store. FattPower!!!
What people are saying about Fatt Father and Fatherhood:
“Fatt Father is a dying breed, a real n#gg@ and a stand up guy who actually lives what he raps about. The words may rhyme, but there’s real life in those bars.” - Hex Murda, Artist Management, Hip Hop Guru, Writer For www.allhiphop.com.
"Fattfather, no pun intended is truly one of the heavyweights of the Detroit hip hop circle, as is Chanes... This "Fatherhood" project will effectively display that to the world!" - Houseshoes, DJ, Producer, www.djhouseshoes.com
“Fatt Father is a father with the wisdom of a grandfather. He has seen the evolution of hip hop, and reminisces as he enlightens the artist community like a true father would.” - Robo Robb, Radio Personality 88.3 FM WXOU
“Detroit Hip Hop is a fraternity where only the greatest are welcomed and praised. Through the years Fatt Father has been a staple and a main ingredient. A perfect balance of street life and experience mixed with humor and heart. A legendary emcee in the eyes of legendary emcees!” - Paradime, CEO of Beats At Will, Artist/Producer, DJ for Kid Rock
The track-listing for Fatherhood is as follows:
1. Fatherhood
2. I’m the Father
3. Hungry
4. Gansta B!#ch (feat. Invy)
5. The Otherside (feat. Fat Killahz)
6. Angel
7. Teladega Nights
8. Raw Sh!t (feat. King Gordy, Seven the General and Phat Kat)
9. What I do
10. Street Life
11. Grime (feat. Guilty Simpson, Sean P. and Roc Marciano)
12. Priorites (feat. MarvWon)
13. Street Scholars (feat. Miz Korona and Moe Dirdee)
14. Tomorrow (feat. MonicaBlaire) - http://www.doughmobb.com


Albums & Mixtapes:

1.) "Tales Of The Childless Father" (Mix)
Fatt Father
No Tyze Ent. (Indie) 2005

2.) "Father's Day" (EP)
Fatt Father
No Tyze Ent. (Indie) 2007

3.) "You Are The Father" (Mix)
Fatt Father
No Tyze Ent. 2008

4.) "Christmas With Fatt Father" (CD)
Fatt Father
No Tyze Ent. 2008

5.) "The Fatt Father LP"
Fatt Father
No Tyze Ent./Time Entertainment 2008

6.) "Fatherly Advice" (CD}
Fatt Father
No Tyze Ent. 2010

7.) "Fatherhood" (CD)
Fatt Father
Fat Killah Ent./Morbid Music LLC 2012

Projects With The Fat Killahz:

1.) "2Fat 2Furious" (Mix)
Fat Killahz
No Tyze Ent. 2002

2.) "FK Radio" (Mix)
Fat Killahz
No Tyze Ent. 2003

3.) "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" (CD)
Fat Killahz
No Tyze Ent. 2004

4.) "The Fat Killahz EP"
Fat Killahz
Morbid Music LLC 2011


1.) "Runnin' Yo! Mouth"
I Miss The Hip Hop Shop (CD, Album)
Proof (D12) Feat. Fatt Father
Iron Fist Records 2004

2.) "Squeeze Easy "
Stray Bullets (CD, Mixed)
Guilty Simpson Feat. Fatt Father
Not On Label 2007

3.) "Fire (Rmx)"
The Preface
Elzhi Feat. Fatt Father
Fat Beats 2008

4.) "Get Em"
Black Milk Feat. Fatt Father
Music House 2008

5.) "Get Back"
House Shoes Presents: The Way Of The Won
Marv Won Feat. Fatt Father
Not On Label 2009

6.) "Shirley C"
Random Axe LP
Random Axe Feat. Fatt Father
Duck Down 2011

7.) "Everything (Modern Family)"
Let It Go (2xLP, Album)
House Shoes Feat.Fatt Father
Tres Records 2012



Widely recognized as a core-member of the Detroit Hiphop collective 'The Fat Killahz', Fatt Father has built a strong fan base via his work with the group, coupled with his own array of mixtapes and street projects ranging from the comedic 'You Are The Father' to 'Father's Day' and the impeccable
'Tales of a Childless Father'; all of which garnered Fatt Father a lot of support and praise within the underground Hiphop community.

'Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?', Fat Killahz debut album, paved the way for Fatt Father - along with his group - to share the stage with such Hiphop royalty as Ice Cube, 50 Cent, Method Man & Redman as well as Detroit's own
Slum Village, D12 and Trick-Trick to name but a few.

His debut self-titled album - executively produced by himself along with Trick-Trick - enabled Fatt Father to be recognized as a lyrical force even without his loyal comrades. His sophomore album 'Fatherly Advice (The Legend of James Evans Sr.)' solidified his figurative and literal place as Detroit's Hiphop heavy-weight.

Fatt Father's consistent grind and devotion to his craft has led him to transcend locality and work with numerous artists around the globe; some as
far away as New Zealand.

All the while Fatt Father has been in the kitchen, warming up the deep fryer, getting ready to serve his next course for hungry listeners and starved Hiphop heads the world over. Get a plate, because if you have been in search of some real Hip Hop, congratulations...YOU FOUND IT!!!