Fatty Duke

Fatty Duke

 Tampa, Florida, USA
BandHip HopPop

“I’m for the trappers...that’s what I do; I’m like a mediator for the people on what goes on in the streets. But fans will be able to relate to me universally because I been through a lot.” Fatty Duke


Fatty Duke is a self made Hip-Hop entreprenuer who knows the value of hard work and diligence. Fatty Duke isn’t your typical everyday rapper who just talks about money, sex and the street life…Fatty Duke is the real deal, he’s not spitting about a fantasy lifestyle, his lifestyle is the fantasy. Hailing from Tampa, FL. Fatty Duke turned to music as a way to vent his frustrations about his turbulent childhood. With a long street resume and musical influences, Fatty Duke pays homage and gives credit to several music pioneers such as; Trick Daddy, Bennie Siegel, and Scarface.

Growing up an only child of early divorced parents, Fatty Duke was easily spoiled and grew to be rebellious. Though he was a star football player and made well grades, he posed a strong attraction to the street life. At an early age Fatty Duke got his first brush with the law at 15 for stealing a car. Fatty would continue to stay in and out of trouble, landing several appearances in front of a judge for bad behavior. What set Fatty Duke apart from other young hustlers was his sharp business sense. “I always had a knack for money and a business mindset that will definitely carry over into my new career.”

Despite the outcome of things, Fatty Duke continued to stay positive and strong for his family. With family problems on top of everything else, music was the last thing on Fatty Duke’s mind until he ran into a local producer and he began to record his music again. “I was so ready to finally put my talents to the test and go hard with my music that I eventually went and brought my own studio. I have the swag and business sense already, I was just missing the music from the equation.”

Currently Fatty Duke is promoting his hot single called “Resume” which will appear on his mixtape “Talkin’ Cash Shit.” Collaborations on the mixtape include G Mobb from Bang and producers like; Matt (CTC Productions), Ross Tacks and DJ Young Cuba. Fatty is in the process of setting up a mini city tour to promote his mixtape and to continue to build on his a brand. Fatty Dukes is definitely making a name for himself by opening for some of the hottest artist in the music business today.

like Plies, Trina, OJ Juice Man, Black Dada, Yo Gotti, Waka Flaka, Gun Play, Ace Hood, Nicki Minaj and Gorilla Zoe to name a few.

He is also involved in charity work volunteering with Children With A Vision and has plans to start his own foundation for young teens. But he’s not done there; fatty duke has always been known as the go-to-guy in the hood, yet now he’s the go-to-guy for the hits. “I think I will finish my book. It’s a good start for me. Now it just need a good movie-like ending and I’m working on that part now.”

After months of trials and prayers, Fatty beat the biggest case of his career and served his time of eight months in jail for probation violation. During this time Fatty Duke took yet another deadly blow when his father passed away in the hospital and he wasn’t allowed to see him. Fatty started to write a book on his life story, he wanted to empower people by with his stories of hope and perseverance. Writing would become the only outlet Fatty had, so wrote non stop. After that, Fatty Duke’s book slowly transitioned into lyrical verses.


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