midwestern indie rock in the vein of (often compared to) braid and cursive that combines technical instrumentation and hook-oriented melodies (with pop sensibilities). live shows are high energy and passionate, music is mature and sincere. Band members are friendly and love to have a good time.


Formed in the winter of 2001, Faultlines quickly developed into a mature and sincere intense-rock band by playing packed house shows and reputable rock clubs within the first two months of collaborating. Like a well-oiled relay team, the band's sound seamlessly transfers from screamy math-rock to melodic indie rock. With every new indie band falling quickly into a pre-packaged category (and thousands of fans willing to accept it), faultlines actually (no, seriously) writes songs without trying to emulate or recreate a sound that's already been perfected. This isn't to say the band's influences are impossible to discern--they're not one of those bands claiming to be 100 percent original--it's just to say that you won't be bored in the first six minutes. Live shows are high energy sweat fests that combine call-and-response guitars/vocals (reminiscent of Braid) with rock outs and breakdowns. Besides having played in over 30 states, recorded 2 eps and a full-length for Action Heights Records (Featuring members of Eyeball artist Murder by Death, 2004), and played in venues like the Metro and the Fireside Bowl in Chicago (along with the Replay Lounge in Lawrence, Ks, the Green Door in Oklahoma City, and other clubs in raleigh, NC; el paso, tx; and tempe, az;), Faultlines has played with such bands as Thursday, the Promise Ring, Strike Anywhere, the Juliana Theory, Dillinger 4, Piebald, the Exit, the Ghost, the Lawrence Arms, Radio 4, Hey Mercedes, Desaparecidos, Rilo Kiley Spitalfield, Fallout Boy, and the 2004 Suicide Girls Burlesque Tour. The new full-length, entitled "Travelogue," was recorded with Chicago producer and rock-entertainer-extraordinare Mike Lust (Lustre King, Tight Phantomz), who has recorded such Southern Records bands as Sweep the Leg Johnny, Ten Grand, and Will Whitmore.


"the grand march"

Written By: d. bixby/faultlines

(This song was inspired by the novel "The Unbearable Lightness of Being" by Milan Kundera)

day four: the grand march

long for the look of unknown eyes to watch us glimmer / an infinite array of make pretend / the atmosphere is growing thinner with the winter / voyeurism helps us breathe again / we all need someone to stare / one day the stare of our beloved will completely disappear / we dance unaware / we’re suffocating here / embrace the dreamers / they feel the eyes of absent friends and lovers upon their backs / imaginary lovers gaze enraptured / extraordinary attempts at praise / we have a vital need / to strike the glance of acquainted eyes / when all the lights go out / can we come up with the eyes we need? / bright lights / cameras click / this theater has made us weak and sick / recite this tired script / don’t turn the camera off we’re lost without it / we’re actors on this tired stage / we’re marching in this grand parade / and on and on and on / the audience has all gone home / we’re phantoms in this masquerade / our costumes reveal and betray intent / the lights have all gone out / the unknown eyes have closed for good / we all need eyes enraptured / the stare of lovers and friends / the atmosphere is thinning / we’re suffocating within

"mid-city silhouette"

Written By: d.maloney/d. bixby/faultlines

day two: mid-city silhouette

mid-city silhouette, a suicide of restlessness / empty faces in basement rooms break it down / and so we pull the thread, pull the thread of self-consciousness / pull the thread and watch me all unravel / this town leaves demons room to play / so we no longer worry if we make the day / it no longer stops / we are beside ourselves / a generation waits for the great awakening / lungs out i’m heaving on the floor your veins are scathing / hearts always sinking to the beat can you feel me trembling? / Great Forgotten King with no one to keep in line / your result for living is only an alibi / this night, cracks in the concrete, faces and smoke create portraits of silence / murmurs of violence and passion / hold on, this has become / murder in shadows and sadness in eyes wide open / and the sky tears at the sheets in the beds where we lie / tonight we’re all dying inside / the muscle cranks and it’s winding down.

"upon deaf ears"

Written By: d. maloney/faultlines

day three: upon deaf ears

sister, your dreams have fell upon deaf ears / i don’t know why / fighting the demons that bind you inside/ i can’t confide / hands already filled with trust for the first time / not the last time / you had so much love for all like the first time/ not the last time / come, come to where you’ve always known / you know where to find me / come, i’m sick to my knees and i don’t think i’ll ever / i don’t think i’ll ever be there / hands too cold to care / to be there / sister i love you and always will / i cannot lie / trust me with your life as i will with mine / i will be fine / i harbor every little sound / to the point that i can’t breathe / it’s the things you say that hurts / hold your love strong


"sirens and sailors," self released ep, 2001
"the van go ep," self-released ep, 2002
"veggie music vol. 1," veggie records, 2001
"redline '04 sampler," redline distribution, 2004
"no coast compilation sponsored by Hurley, Hey Sherman, 2004
"best of the midwest," curtain call music, 2003
"Mother House Crisis Nursery Benefit" Youth Against Hunger, 2001

Set List

6-8 songs, 30-45 minutes. set list varies but draws upon 3 years of music with an emphasis on songs from the new full length. set list might look something like: '

1. modern traveler
2. midcity silhouette
3. upon deaf ears
4. satellite
5. augten
6. acadia
7. televise your holidays
8. the grand march