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back against the world mixtape
the man, the myth, the legend.



_____________________________ If you had to give the word DIVERSE a face Faust would be that face. Faust started writing back in the 4rth grade where he would keep a notebook full of lyrics in it, he started writing short poems which soon evolved into full fledge lyrics. Always known as the kid that sat in the back of the room and kept to himself he was often picked on for being different. Around the time of the 5th grade Faust had notice himself taking a liking in many different types of music rock alt, heavy metal, etc. as time went on Faust lyrics which back then were more like poetry grew darker and darker influenced by his background and things he saw in his everyday life. Weird, crazy, psycho is what they called him. Because while other kids were playing basketball and other sports Faust spent his time doing things like skateboarding not even to stand out, it was what he enjoyed it was how he coped little did he know it was keeping him out of trouble, but far from harms way because the more he stood out the more of a easy target he became. Somewhere along the line Faust started rapping with his two cousins and formed a group called 8file with Brandon “Capone” chandler and Anthony “abeezy” berry. Even back then only in the 5th grade the things that would come out of his mouth were deep for his age. Which is why the 1st time he heard eminem he immediately took a liking to his style because he could relate to a lot what eminem was saying. Eminem soon became Faust’s favorite rapper. By the time Faust reach the 6th grade his love for music had grown to an intense level. Not so much into rapping anymore Faust went back to writing in his notebooks yet still known as the kid who kept to himself. In 6th grade Faust became friends with two of his classmates Mario Trevino and Antonio Silva who introduced him into all kinds of different music mostly of the rock/metal genre such as disturbed and Marilyn Manson. Intrigued by the dark style of music Faust began listening and seeking more different kinds of music on his own within just a year or two him and fellow classmates Mario Trevino and Antonio Silva were in talks of starting a band. Around this time Faust began playing the guitar where he took lessons at wonderland music. BUT WHAT ABOUT RAP?. even though Faust was pursuing a different genre of music he still found time to himself to write lyrics. At this time in the 8th he met one of his friends who would change his life forever! Moziah “verda-stylez” foster. Faust first met him back in 8th grade at Amelia Earhart middle school. While sitting in one of the other home room classes. Faust sat at a table with his cousin Anthony “abeezy” berry, Randal, and moziah “verda stylez” foster. Sitting off to himself he heard the three rapping back and forth two each other over and over. Seeing his cousin amongst the table he decided to join them. Not really known as a freestyle rapper Faust pulled out his notebook and began reciting from it. Verda stylez gave him an offer to join there group d36. But Faust declined and said he wasn’t really into the rap scene as much as he was with the whole rock scene. CAUGHT BETWEEN TWO DIFFERENT WORLDS. He often found himself juggling the two different genres hip hop and rock. But still at the end of the day when he went home felt it in his chest hip hop was calling him more and more each day. By the time 9th grade came around Faust had met new people but yet was still considered an outcast. Creating his own style doing anything now to stand out he spiked his hair, wore pants chains and spiked bracelets. Still urging to play the guitar he joined western international beginning band where he played the guitar. Never Mr. popular, or Mr. jock. Like some of his friends and family were. That left him alone all he had was his music just him his notebook and his guitar. Around this time Faust joined up with another one of his fellow classmates Harold mossup. Faust and him made attempts to form a band with Harold on vocals and him on the guitar. As the school year went on Faust still tried to juggle the two genres of music but it just wasn’t working. One day while sitting in class with verda stylez and fellow classmate Terrence “storm” Adams, it happened they decided to form dark army also known as d36. Consisting of a large roster of fellow school mates such as moziah “verda styles” foster, deangelo “d-young” phoenix, Terrence “S.T.O.R.M.” Adams, dejaun aka blaze, esteban “Casper” Velasquez, Anthony “abeezy” berry, Louis “yung Lou” avant and many more. It was official Faust was a part of d36 yet still a outcast. Setting himself apart from the other members Faust took a style similar to his favorite rapper eminem delivering a fist full of clever punch lines and whacky metaphors. His let out was hip hop and for once again Faust and hip hop was reunited. Dark army went on for a while and time passed by but as time passed by most of the members began to disappear. But Faust continued rapping and