Dominik Rothbard

Dominik Rothbard


1982's synth-pop hopefuls look to score with the EP that'll be blaring from everyone's walkman this summer. Sharp synths, crashing guitars, dense, chewy basslines, & hooks you could cut yourself on. Sad to see the Vapors split? Disappointed the Spandaus went soul? Faux Furnishings is for you.


Both survivors of the Tylenol Scare of 1982, former Apple Lisa programmer Grant Levy and rogue meteorologist Dominik Rothbard met in adjacent rooms in Chicago's Mercy Hospital. While recovering, they discovered a shared love of European electronic music & Fruit Wrinkles. It was there Faux Furnishings was first conceived. Multi instrumentalist Grant Levy offers up dark, dancey bass lines, thumping drum beats and irresistible guitar hooks, while vocalist/keyboardist Dominik Rothbard focuses on feeling good and looking better.
Faux Furnishings looks to join the ranks of their contemporaries The Buggles, Spandau Ballet, ABC, The Human League, Visage & The Vapors with the release of their debut EP "Lydia, Look!" Using the latest semi-digital recording technology, Faux Furnishings have crafted 5 songs that evoke visions of smoke machines, leather clad women, red British rain, and abandoned factories. Their sound is fresh, of the moment, German, and totally 1983.


Lydia Look EP

Set List

Our set list varies from show to show. Sometimes we take an over the top dance number and do it acoustic. Once we hummed with our eyes closed for about 45 minutes. It was revolutionary. We don't do covers. We choose from 16 completed tracks to perform electronically and a host of others organically. Our song titles include "Fire Someplace," "Swing3" "Best Laid Plans," "Go On," "The Single" "In The Morning" and "Edward Furlong Got Me Pregnant" but we hardly do that one anymore.